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I have been somewhat fascinated by the Anglican Use via the Pastoral Provision and the Anglican Ordinariates for some time now. So, when I saw that the guidelines for liturgy had come out related to this, I figured I would share the links. After a quick glance through, I find it interesting that Rite One which retains the use of the more archaic English is allowed to be used, but Rite Two which contains the more modern English is not. I am also delighted to see the restoration of the Propers, etc. during Mass rather than sole reliance on hymns, which seems to be common within the Ordinariate/Anglican Use. The hymns used tend to be very beautiful, but seeing the Propers restored to their rightful place in the Mass is a wonderful thing to see.


Not in St. John’s in Calgary. They use an edited version of the English Missal (an English translation of the Roman Missal in use back in the 1950’s, with elements from the Book of Common Prayer interspersed), so while the Anglican Use here in Calgary continues the Anglican tradition of great hymnody, the Propers are left intact

Take a look at their most recent Sunday Mass bulletin:


Isn’t this – and I don’t know, I just read it somewhere – because these are the guidelines for the ordinariate in England, while Rite Two has its origins in America?


Rite Two is also forbidden in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, as per Msgr. Steenson’s presentation to the USCCB.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

If they are in Calgary, then they wouldn’t be under the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, but rather the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter. To my understanding, though I could be wrong on this, the official Liturgical Guidelines for the Ordinariate in North America and in Australia have not been released yet.



Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for sharing.

The parishes which came in under the Pastoral Provision are still free to use it correct?


One could only assume.

What a pity that the Ordinariates don’t make much use of Anglican chant. I’d say in the future there’d be some provision.


That would be wonderful to see happen. If they started off working into their Evensong liturgy, that might lead to later developments along those lines.


That’s correct. As it stands now, and to the best of my knowledge, the new American Ordinariate parishes are not bound to the Book of Divine Worship and things are still a bit in flux. St. John the Evangelist was very high Anglican, even higher than most and they have retained that high-ness as Catholics. They are not doing things unilaterally though, and they have everything done with the approval of Rome (you can see from the bulletin I linked that they now use the Catholic RSV as their lectionary and they have included the Mysterium Fidei acclamation in the Canon).

I actually find that I like the English Missal better than the BDW.


Eventually there are going to be final Roman documents encompassing all the Ordinariate/Anglican Use liturgy. Right now there is something called something like the “Interdicasterial Commission on Anglican Liturgy” or something (three times!) made up of bishops who are doing this.

In fact the Matrimony and Funeral Rites have already been published, and they are very interesting. Eg, the Dies Irae can be used in the Requiem Mass…

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