Liturgical Institute at Mundelein

Does anyone have any knowledge of the programs at the Liturgical Institute at Mundelein? I have heard it is a solid, orthodox program but would like any input you could provide. I am interested in possibly pursuing an STL there. Is it a “reform of the reform” kind of place in the mold of Benedict XVI with traditional leanings? Or is it more along the lines of “spirit of Vat. II”? Again, I am under the impression it is the former, but any help you could give would be great. Thank you.

I don’t know anything specifically about the Liturgy program but if it lives up to the reputation that Mundelein has, you are on VERY solid ground if you go with them. They would be more “we actually read the documents of Vat II” camp, so more like Pope Benedict XVI’s view.
My archdiocese sends some of its theologians to Mundelein, and it is probably the best seminary we use.

Try their web site. I know several priests who do not have their STLs who attend when they have time and offerings are made. It is orthodox, in the sense of “we really read what VII” said. One of these priests manages to apply what he’s learned into a less-than-orthodox mold, anybway, but that’s one person. The rest seem to do better with it. Makes one wonder if he attended the same course.

It’s very solid. Definitely a reform of the reform type place and pretty much the opposite of the Spirit of Vatican II. They are big on the “sung” Mass, very proper rubrics, chant and traditional liturgical architecture.

Here is an article written by one of their professors for Adoremus that shreds the modernist liturgical architecture movement:

Thank you all for your input…that is what I was looking for. From what you all have said, it is exactly what I thought it was. I am going to visit there in 2 weeks and talk with some professors. Thanks again! If anyone else out there has more info, please pass it along.

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