Liturgical Music Question - Wedding Feast at Cana

Does anyone know of any choral music settings based on any of the Gospel text for the wedding feast at Cana? I’m pretty sure this is going to be the Gospel for our wedding Mass, and was wondering if anyone knew of any sacred music based on the text itself, which we could have as a choral entrance.

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Hi, David.

As you know, there’s not much detail about the wedding in Cana. That said, you might Google up the song, “The Wedding” by Michael Card, which sets itself at the event.

If you haven’t already, also see, the USCCB’s official site, which has some song suggestions, and also ask your priest, who will certainly have songs as well as readings that are appropriate for your wedding.

I’m still buzzed about my own wedding, and that was over 3 months ago! :slight_smile: God bless.

Is this wedding in the OF or the EF of the Roman Rite?

Not sure if the choir you have does chant well, but there is this:

Dominus dicit: Implete hydrias (The Lord says: fill the water-jars)

This isn’t with the text from the Gospel, but…

OF, but quite happy to have Latin choral or chanted music (probably just an introit, offertory and recessional - no point having an elaborate choral Sanctus while the priest stands there looking at the congregation :wave: )

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