liturgical vestments

can someone list the different colours of the vestments the priest wears during the year? easter, advent etc.
can someone explain the significance of the colour of these vestments that the priest wears at mass, at differenent times of the year e.g. green - ordinary time.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

Green vestments are worn during Ordinary Time, which is the largest segment of the liturgical calendar including most of the summer. Green signifies new growth, the flourishing of the “vineyard”.

White is a symbol of purity, light, rejoicing, and of the Resurrection, and is used on all special feasts of Our Lord, Christmas and Easter season, Corpus Christi, and at festive occasions such as weddings and baptisms.

Since Vatican II, white vestments are also usually used at funerals, suggestive of the Resurrection; however black vestments may still be used. Interestingly, white signifies mourning in the religions of the Far East, but not in the West.

For Marian feasts and solemnities, some parishes have special white vestments ornamented with blue, symbolizing Mary’s fidelity. Blue is not a liturgical color, however, and is not to be used as the main vestment color.

Cloth-of-gold, often richly embroidered, may sometimes replace white, especially for very festive feasts, such as Christmas and Easter, or for weddings.

Red vestments are worn on the feasts of martyrs and on Pentecost, Passion Sunday, and feasts of the apostles. The color symbolizes martyr’s blood – also fire, for Pentecost. Usually red is used now on Good Friday, instead of the traditional black.

Purple, preferably a somber, dark shade, is worn during the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent. Purple signifies great solemnity, with connotations of both penance and royal dignity. Decoration of the vestments for these penitential season is appropriately simple.

Black, signifying absence of light and mourning, is properly used on All Souls Day and is still appropriate and permissible for Good Friday and for funerals, although seldom used now.

Rose colored vestments may be worn on the third Sundays of Advent and Lent, to suggest a pause or lift in the penitential focus of these seasons, appropriate because of the initial Latin words of the collects for these Sundays, which mention rejoicing.

This same symbolism in seen in the Advent wreath: three purple candles and one rose. The rose candle is lit on Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday in Advent, when the rose-colored vestments are used.

Quoted from: Adoremus

Thank you asia53, that was extremely helpful and informative!

You are most welcome. God bless you!

Just one tiny correction rose is worn on the fourth Sunday of Lent and the third Sunday of Advent

It’s worth pointing out that the above color traditions are only true for the Latin rite. :slight_smile:

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