Liturgy: I’ll Do It My Way


Father Longenecker comments on liturgical creativity.


So a priest no longer reads the Gospel, instead Lectio Divina is conducted by a layperson. Terrible idea as Father Longenecker says but it probably will end up happening in the church. More and more laypersons are involved in the mass, including saying homilies. At my church the Eucharistic ministers are the ones who put the hosts back in the Tabernacle. The Priest just watches. I don’t like that at all but I’m stuck with it. The minute the Priest-read Gospel is replaced by a layperson “feel good” talk I will leave the Catholic Church.


Should the Gospel ever be replaced within the Mass by a feel-good talk, it will be time for us ALL to go…


If, If, If…yes, it would be abhorrent IF something like that happened. But do liturgical purists ever just enjoy the liturgy, even when it ardently follows prescribed and authorized rubrics, or are they always living in a state of despair and fear anticipating decline and disruption? I just couldn’t live that way. Some might argue its the devil’s work to distract them from giving themselves fully to God in worship. Just sayin’!


The LifeSite article that forms the basis for this thread rather puzzling states that only a priest may read the Gospel at Mass. I rather thought that, if present, it was the specific office and privilege of the deacon to proclaim the Gospel, and that such was specifically mentioned in the GIRM.


No you aren’t. You may have an FSSP or ICRSS parish in your diocese, or maybe even a diocesan Traditional Latin Mass. You will see the Most Blessed Sacrament treated with the utmost reverence, as It is held and touched only by the consecrated hands of the priest. You will never see a layperson read the Gospel or give a homily. If you’ve never experienced the Traditional Mass before, I urge you to consider it.


You could always look to the Eastern Rites.


I have found “Life Site News” to be nothing of news and entirely propaganda.

It is not the role of the Presider to proclaim the Gospel. It is the role of the Deacon to proclaim the Gospel In the absence of the Deacon and in the absence of a concelebrant, then of necessity the Presider would have to proclaim the Gospel.


@JimG I couldn’t help bringing this video out. It’s of Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) Singing “My Way” on QVC😉


When I came back to the Church after 30 years I was amazed at all the changes (and I grew up post-Vatican II). I never knew about FSSP or ICRSS or all the other acronyms. It used to be “just mass.” Most churches did everything the same. Now it seems the Catholic Church has more denominations than Protestants. I remember when the Priest after communion would wash the cup, place the plate (or something, I don’t know all the terms) on the cup and cover it with a beautiful cloth on the altar. Now the altar is bare after communion and the Priest does nothing but watch the laity handle everything in the Tabernacle. Just too weird for me.

Anyways, I do plan on attending a Latin mass soon.


Maybe I’m missing it, but the article says that only “ordained clergy” may proclaim the Gospel (at Mass).

I don’t see anything saying specifically “priest.”

Edit: I just found it. It’s not in Fr. L—'s blog, it’s in the original article.

Yes, they get it completely wrong.


GIRM #352

“The priest, therefore, in planning the celebration of Mass, should have in mind the common spiritual good of the people of God, rather than his own inclinations.“



GIRM 164 talks about after Communion. Nothing to do with the Gospel.

There is most certainly a requirement that it be proclaimed by a deacon or a priest and never by a lay person.

GIRM 212 clearly says that in the absence of a deacon, it must be a concelebrant (if there is at least one) who proclaims the Gospel.


[quote=“R_H_Benson, post:6, topic:458322, full:true”]

. ''At the Traditional Mass, you will never again have to helplessly watch Our Lord endure the blatant liturgical abuses typical of Novus Ordo Masses. You will never see a layperson read the Gospel or give a homily. ‘’

I really do think this is a slur on the priests who celebrate the Ordinary Form.

You say it is ‘typical’ for a layperson to read the Gospel.

When and where have you experienced this? Unless it was every Sunday (if it ever occurred at all - I have never seen it) what right have you to say it is ‘typical’?


You failed to consult the proper section of the GIRM.


By no means.

I apologize. I misread the post to which I was responding. I thought the poster said that he had witnessed a lay person read the Gospel at Mass, but what he really said was:

I never saw a lay person read the Gospel in the many years I attended the Novus Ordo Mass.


When you say presider, Father, you mean Priest?
Why not use priest instead of this word which confuses the role of the laity and priest?


I am guessing Don Ruggero says “presider” to differentiate from concelebrant. All are priests, but if there is no Deacon, and 2 priests, one “presides”, the other concelebrates, and in the case of the Gospel, the concelebrating priest should read it.

The terminology is not meant to confuse, it is what the Church uses.


It looks like a very good article from Fr Lonecker (as is to be expected).

I’ve only started to read it, and have to head out till later in the day, but I got as far as the following gem, and just wanted to share it:

Being creative with the liturgy is like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.



Don’t go too far! Just to the nearest EF Mass.

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