Liturgy in the Anglican Ordinariates?

When the Anglican Ordinariates are formed, are they going to use the Book of Divine Worship; or the 1928 Book of Common Prayer; or is there going to be a period of developing new translations and/or experimentation? Does the Book of Divine Worship celebrate Mass ad orientem? Also, is it true that the Book of Divine Worship combines the Novus Ordo and the 1979 Book of Common Prayer?

I realize the answers to some of these questions might be that no one knows yet…

We don’t know as of yet. However, the current Pastoral Provision parishes use a Book of Divine Worship which cites the 1928 and 1979 BCP as well as the 1973 MR. It is currently out of print.

I know ad orientem is at least permissible under the BDW (if not normative), as seen at OL of Walsingham and OL of the Atonement.

I would not be surprised if this were revised by the Ordinariates in the process of forming them, and using the 2000 MR and the 1928 BCP as the primary basis (with influences from the 1962 MR and 1978 BCP). Given that the “translation” is based on the current English translation of the OF, I think there must be some changes.

too just add to CDNowak,

The ACA uses the Anglican Missal. I with the REC, use the 1928. The Anglican Use parishes have theirs. Part of the process is developing the liturgy for the AU. It will take time and the discussion happening with the Vatican includes what to use until the liturgy has been approved.

Most traditional orthodox Anglicans, like those in the ACA and parts of the REC, react like a vampire to sunlight when the 79 alternate service is mentioned. If you view the Mass at OLA or OL of Walsingham, I personally am fine with it. Not at all like a 28 BCP Mass I have been trained and use to celebrate. Anglicans are fiercely loyal to their liturgy, you can see that on some of the discussion groups like The Anglo Catholic.

The Anglicans that will be coming will celebrate Mass ad orientem. If you go to the ACA website and click pictures of Altars, most if not all are high Altars where the priests celebrate ad orientem. Location of the tabernacle may vary. I know it does in the REC, if the parish has one. I believe many of the Anglicans coming in the first wave would be more comfortable in the Latin Mass than the Novus Ordo. Though the changes coming in 2012 are good…I know some Anglican priests who jokingly comment that the Holy Father really wants us to be made welcome…even changing the Novus to make it more Anglican. :wink:

Fr. Mark

If you go to Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church, San Antonio, TX website you can watch the video of the Mass.

Actually the Canon is taken from the Sarum Use or the TLM Canon is the same I believe. Rome made the decision to add just a few short responses from the OF or if you like the 1979 BCP (which in my opinion took theirs from the OF). The liturgy is not what the Anglican Use priests really wanted, but they were just grateful to have what ever Rome gave them.

Yes the priest is ad orientem and they have altar rails to receive kneeling. They use the 1940 hymnnal. I believe that there are some differences in which devotions they might have after Mass.

It will be a challenge when revising the Missal as there are Anglicans from many different usages coming into the Church. Hopefully the new liturgy will be completed in a timely manner. First I think will come the Ordinariates, then the liturgy.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


The other interesting aspect of this question is what will happen if (as I hope) numbers of parishes from the Forward in Faith grouping within the Church of England and in sister churches throughout the Anglican Communion take advantage of the Holy Father’s generous provision. Since all the Anglican prayer books to which they are accustomed* differ in some points one from another, it will be fascinating to see what is developed, as I assume that more may be required than a straight reworking of the Book of Divine Worship.

(I have lots of Anglo-Catholic friends, have frequently worshipped in their churches, am interested in liturgical books anyway and really hope that the Ordinariate is a success, so I have a particular interest in this topic.)

*except dedicated Anglo-Papalists in the UK, of course, who will probably already have been using the Ordinary Form!

Of course this is just my opinion, but if the Anglo Papalists in the UK only want the OF then they should just go in into the Latin Rite as individuals. In the end I think all the incoming Anglicans, including the Anglican Use parishes will have to compromise to a degree on how the liturgy will be developed. Rome will be having the final say I am sure as they did with the first Anglican Use parishes. Although now Pope Benedict and some other Bishops who are in favor of an Anglican Patrimony will probably be more willing to leave out some of the parts from the OF or 1979 BCP.

I attend a Latin Rite parish as there are no AU parishes in my state. But I will say that it is a traditional parish and the priest faces ad orietem, we have altar rails, he just follows the rubics with none of the additional innovations that I see in many parishes.

I can live with it without complaint, but still miss my old Anglo Catholic liturgy. I think that the Episcopalians and Lutherans changed their liturgy to follow some of the changes in the OF. At least that is how I saw it. Why would they change it and I don’t know much about the Luternan liturgy, but the Episcopal one of 1979 reminds me of the OF.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


God I hope and pray this Anglican Ordinariate really takes off. And more and more parishes pop up all over the US and UK. I read the Sarum Use was even more elaborate than the EF Mass.

Since the new and improved translation of the Pauline Missal has been approved. I wonder how long it will take to get the Book of Divine Worship back in print. I really want to get a hard copy.

Thanks for the information and links…

I hope the process is relatively short and non-contentious. I’m still on the fence about the Ordinariate; I may go to catechesis at a traditionalist Latin parish instead.

Bishop Peter Elliot (Aux. Melbourne) apparently published a paper on this topic in February. (NLM report here)

It is very interesting how this is coming together. I visited an Episcopal church last year to learn more about their liturgy. Attended a weekday Worship Service, with a female celebrant. Was a bit different, but quite interesting. Didn’t think I’d actually need to follow along with the BCP (as everyone else was doing) until about half-way in. Some of the responses used that particular day were different than I’d ever heard.

The question of what liturgy or liturgies the Ordinariate will use is interesting. There may be no one answer.

As I understand it, some of the Anglo-Catholic parishes in the UK that my cross over the Tiber already use the modern Roman Rite Ordinary Form, even though they are technically parishes of the Church of England.

As I understand it, here in the USA, Anglo-Catholic parishes in the Episcopal Church either use the 79 Prayer Book or one of the Anglican Missals. The Anglican Use parishes use the Book of Divine Worship which will have to be edited after the new Roman Missal goes into effect Advent, 2011 (if that is the correct date).

I would suspect that each Ordinariate priest will have the authority to say the Ordinary Form in English or Latin, the Extraordinary Form, and then probably two BDW forms kind of like the 79 Prayer Book’s Rites I & II.

Of course, who knows?

For good discussion on the Liturgy for the Ordinariate, go to

This site is maintained by the TAC and has Anglicans and Catholic Archbishops (Anglican), Bishops, Priest and laity interacting. Liturgy is a big issue. You will see discussions on possible liturgies. While there are supporters of Sarum, Missals or even 28 BCP, none for anything remotely connected with the 79; even the AU priests on the site have “issues” with the BDW inclusion of “elements” of the '79. Use of the 79 in the States is a non-starter for the Anglicans coming to Rome.

For a good idea on how this group of Anglicans view the '79 obtain a copy of Neither Orthodoxy Nor a Formulary (The Shape and Content of the 1979 Prayer Book of the Episcopal Church) by Fathers Louis Tarsitano and Peter Toon.

We Anglicans are an interesting group liturgically. There is no “ONE” liturgy used by Orthodox Anglicans. Even those you use the 28 BCP, like me, incorporate parts of the Anglican Missal. We also understand the need for a set liturgy and the buffet style so common with Anglicans will need to end.

For those interested in what an AU Mass will look like, go to Our Lady of Atonement website. Catholic AU parish in Texas. Look for an TAC parish near you. Just make sure you tell the priest and do not recieve, and understand you have not met your obligation for Mass. We are not in communion just yet.

What will be the temp and then the final litugry for the Ordinariate? Unknown at this time. Though there is a beginning of a push for the Sarum and a retooled BDW.

Fr. Mark

Fr. Mark -

It was my understanding that the BDW was based on the 79 BCP?

There are a few parts that come from the 1979 BCP, but if you really research these parts are also in the OF Mass, which is to my belief where the 1979 BCP took them from when they revised the 1928 BCP.

The Canon is from the Sarum Use/Roman Rite (EF). It is a combination of the 1928 BCP, which has all the Anglican prayers, i.e. Confession, Prayer of Humble Access and the Prayer of Thanksgiving. The BDW is a mixture yes from several liturgies, but in a straight BCP liturgy which was used in my low church as a youth there are many differences in the traditions followed.

In Anglo Catholic parishes there is much crossing of yourself, bowing your head, genuflecting etc. Also in these parishes they have the reserved Sacrament in a Tabernacle.

I haven’t been in any Episcopal church except for years ago and it was an Anglo Catholic parish. We used the Anglican Missal.

At the Anglican Use parishes they have done a wonderful job with what they were given by Rome.

When the new revised BDW or whatever it will be called is published I pray that at least some of the Anglican Use priests are on the committee to advise. They have wanted changes from the beginning, but are faithful Catholics and submit to Rome.

This is where the Anglicans coming into the Church will have to be humble and accept the final decision of the Church. As Fr. Mark mentioned everyone has there own ideas on what they want, but as Catholics they will have to abide by the authority of the Church.

If anyone visits the Anglo Catholic website please remember that just as on CAF among Catholics, some complain about how the OF is celebrated, you will find some posters who also complain about it. It is a good website for Anglicans to voice their opinions and most do this with charity. This is a difficult time for them as they are still waiting to hear when the Ordinariates will be established and where there will be parishes erected.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


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