Liturgy issues related to the Gloria & Eucharistic Prayer


In my parish, the Gloria is tailored to fit the music and not the other way around. By that I mean some lines are repeated. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will” is repeated after each paragraph. In the eucharistic prayer (preface acclamation) “Hosanna in the highest” repeated twice each time. It appears the liturgy is being manipulated to make the music flow. Are there any issues with this?


Technically, as long as the 2010 Vox Clara/ICEL English translations are adhered to, there is no prescription against the so-called “refrain Gloria” you describe, or the modest repetition of some portions of text in the Sanctus.
Aesthetically and otherwise, there are concerns that are very real about the use of such textual devices to accomodate the musical settings.
But if those prescriptions were codified, then they would retroactively banish most Mass settings from the era of polyphony through baroque, classical, Viennese and other inheritor style’s of Mass Ordinary settings, as textual augmentation was normative over five centuries. That’s not going to happen.
One simply can point out that at pontifical Masses at St. Peter’s in Rome under “bad” and now “good” choral direction, the alternatim method of assigning portions of Mass VIII Gloria to the congregation, and then the other ones to be chorally augmented by the schola or choirs is still normative.What’s good for the golden goose…


Comprehensive answer, and I'll spend some research time on this one. But cutting to the bottom line, I'm gathering there are no prescriptions against doing this music centric Mass.


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