Liturgy of the Hours (again)

First off, I apologize for the title. This is probably the umpteenth time we’ve seen it. I really shouldn’t go into journalism.

Okay, time for the actual question. So some friends and I are starting a Catholic Bible study. Well I got the idea to suggest meeting early to pray Vespers, since I’m doing it as a private devotion anyway.

A few questions about logistics, if it happens:

  1. What time is Vespers supposed to be prayed? Is 7:30 reasonable?
  2. Am I correct to understand that in a group of laity, you can do everything in the rubric, just making sure to conclude with “May God bless us…”
  3. What are appropriate ways to do the Psalms and reading? I know it’s probably fine to have just one person do the reading, but is that also permissible for the Psalms and canticle?

Vespers is anytime after 4:00 pm I believe. I’ve attended a penance service before were there was Psalms that was chanted and half the congregation would chant the first strophe and the other half would proceed to chant the next strophe and so forth, maybe your group could try that or one person chants the Psalms and after each strophe the group chants the antiphon.

May the Holy Virgin protect!

7:30 is on the late side but still evening. There’s no answer written in stone though the Rule of St Benedict is more specific concerning daylight. But that was for monasteries in the pre-clock and artificial light era.

If there is no priest or deacon you follow the rubric for no priest or deacon/private recitation for the conclusion.

For the reading, one person, like at Mass. For the psalmody it really depends on the size of the group. Alternating between a reader/cantor and the rest of the group would probably work ok.

A reader/cantor should probably do the intercessions and the group answer the response.

A suggestion, only put forward because I’ve seen it done, is to have half of you recite one verse then the other half the next verse. You continue to alternate the verses. This might not work if you are too few. Alternatively you could say the psalms through all together. Ideally the psalms should be sung but you wouldn’t want me singing them:D

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