Liturgy of the Hours and other morning prayers

I love praying the Liturgy of the Hours, because I feel that it connects me to Catholics all around the world who are praying the same thing. However, I also like to pray a morning offering, a Marian consecration, and some other prayers in the morning. How do I integrate the two? Should I pray the other prayers first so that the morning offering offers all the other prayers, including LoH, to God? Should they be separated (like pray one immediately on getting out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, than pray the others) or immediately afterwards? Thanks!

Personally when I pray before I go to bed, I pray night prayer and then when I conclude it, I continue on with my personal prayers. That is just me, but I hope it helps.

Treacy. I think the usual practice would be to focus veneration of Mary on Saturday (the optional memoria for the BVM) and to add a prayer to Mary after compline. Of course vespers always includes the Magnificat.

And of course we have the Marian hobs, solemnities, feasts and memoria (the 8 the September being the feast celebrating the birth of the BVM).

I do as you describe:

  1. Morning offering first (it offers the day and all prayers, works, etc)
  2. Memorare
  3. Others on occasion, daily readings if time allows
  4. Morning Prayer always last so that the concluding blessing ends my a.m. devotional routine
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What is easiest for me, since I have been praying the LOTH for awhile now is begin my day with the LOTH,
The LOTH allows the Office of Reading and Morning Office to be combined. I have been on retreats where the congregation goes immediately from Morning Office straight into the Mass. The closing prayer for the Morning Office is often the same as the opening prayer for the Mass.
A spiritual director of mine pointed out the problem with that approach. The LOTH honors the hours of the day while the Mass is outside of time.

When I was in 1st grade, long before I knew anything about the LOTH, my first grade nun said a good time to pray the Morning Offering was when I was kneeling on the floor to get my shoes out from under my bed. I can’t keep my shoes under my current bed.

I pray the LOTH followed by Morning Prayer, Abandonment to God’s Providence, and Prayer to my Guardian Angel. If I remember, I will have prayed the Angelus before LOTH. Afterwards, I pray the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Depending on my schedule, I will read the daily Mass reading plus scriptural readings either now, or later if I have an early morning appointment.
This morning routine, with scripture readings takes about an hour.
When working, the scripture readings were after work. I prayed the Guardian Angel prayer with my grandson while he waited for the school bus in the morning.

It doesn’t matter whether you pray the morning offering first, or the LOTH first.
The morning offering simply works better for me after the LOTH and before the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I end with the prayer of Unity for Christians and Radiating Christ before reading Scripture.


One is a personal devotion, the other is liturgy. Liturgy has rubrics to guide us, personal devotions do not. Since I chant all the hours every day, I am already spending a lot of time in prayer so my other prayers are minimal, and limited to the Angelus. So my practice is:

Vigils (Office of Readings) 5:30 am summer/6 am winter followed by the Angelus recited silently
Lauds 6 am summer/7:30 am winter (summer = Monday following the octave of Easter until the feast of the Holy Cross Sept. 14th, as at my abbey)
Terce 9:45 am (winter only)
Mid-day prayer noon followed by the Angelus recited silently
None 3 pm winter only
Vespers 5 pm
Compline 8 pm followed by the Angelus recited silently.

For those doing other devotions, simply set things up in the manner that works best for you!

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At the friary I visit for retreats they do a an offering, then Lauds, and finish with a consecration to Mary.

I usually break them apart and do offerings after rising then doing Lauds after I am dressed followed by the Angelus

The only reason I pray the Angelus before Lauds is because that is how it was prayed when I visited the Trappist Monastery in Conyers. I wasn’t exactly staying at the monastery, but we did pray the LOTH daily. Since Morning and Evening Prayer are at 6am and 6pm respectfully, each began with the Angelus. Traditional times for the Angelus are 6am, noon, and 6pm.

The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the morning prayer that St. Louis de Montfort gave to his religious families. I tacked it to the end of Lauds.
I pray my consecration to Mary at the end of my rosary, later in the day.

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