Liturgy of the Hours - Christian Prayer Question

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[quote=BonnieBj]I too get very confused so I have several Offices that I can use. When I go to my monastery (I am a novice Benedictine Oblate and have 2 Benedictine monasteries within about 10 miles of me - I’m blessed!) I can do the Office because everything has been set up for us.

I also have a book named the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary when is very nice and I use it occasionally. Extremely easy to use. And the Benedictines have publised a book called Work of God which has a shoter version of the Office but is still very good. In any case Compline is always the easiest to pray. But the alternative I like best is found at and you can prayer the Office right there on your computer with no having to go back and forth in a book. No confusion at all. And it’s helpful as a way to learn your way around the prayer book.

Hope this helps.

I was using the unversalis site as well, until I found out it is not the approved US breviary - the readings don’t always match and they use NRSV translation.

Try . You’ll find the daily booklets (PDF) as easy as universalis and they include the hymns. Others have told me you should at least read through the hymn, but universalis just says “*insert appropriate hymn here”:slight_smile: *.

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