Liturgy of the Hours for Benedictine Oblates: St. Meinrad Archabbey

A benedictine novice friend of mine purchased this for me for my birthday. Does anyone here use this breviary? Opinions? I have only prayed the divine office while on retreats with the Christian Prayer breviary (and was confused), hopefully I can get the hang of this.

I do not have this particular breviary, but I have the Benedictine version of morning and evening prayer. I enjoy using it. I have been fortunate to attend vespers at St. Meinrad a few times, and that’s always a wonderful experience. Their verbiage may not be what we are most familiar with though; at least, I stumble over the first two or three Glory Be’s until I re-learn their wording. At any rate, I think you’ll enjoy it.

I can’t help regarding this particular breviary. I pray the standard English LOTH.

Regarding the confusion, it’s true that the layout takes a little getting used to. There’s a lot of flipping around, and the pattern changes for feasts and special events. One good option is to pray using one of the free on-line versions ( or These pull everything together into one place, adjusted for feasts, and let you focus on prayer and not flipping through the book. They both have options for using them on mobile devices. Seth Murray also has a pretty good LOTH instruction manual at under General Info > LOTH.

Give it a try, whatever breviary you use. Regular, structured, liturigical prayer is a great blessing.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m excited to use this breviary, I really like it so far.

I was just doing a Benedictine search, and found this thread.

I was completely unaware of this site (divineoffice, that is). :o

I use iBreviary on my iPhone (a fantastic site, too).

What I really find intriguing about is that it seems to use the same Invitatory Psalm schema that my monastery does. Really excited about that. :cool:

Link please

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