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So Today is the Memorial of St. Charles Borromeo and I am following the guide for the 4 volume. Can someone tell me if I am interpreting this correctly?

For morning prayer (MP) it says From the Common of Pastors 1748. Morning Prayer begins on pg 1763.

I assume I stay in that sectionary of the breviary except for the following.

The Psalmody (which tells me to go to the Psalter beginning on pg 966). HOWEVER, which antiphons do I use with those psalms? There are antiphones in the psalter AND the Commons of Pastors.

I would assume you take the antiphons used int he commons but I just don’t know LOL!

I assume the reading, responsorial, antiphone for the Canticle and intercessions are taken from the commons of pastors.

My guide says the closing prayer is from the proper of saints.

So if anyone could provide me the idiots rundown of where to go in the breviary and when I would appreciate it.


Thank you.

I also looked it up in the Ordinary and it answered my question. Today is a Memorial so the psalmody, canticles and their canticles are taken from the Psalter.

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THANK YOU for that link. WOW wish I had this a couple of years ago. Tells exactly what to read and where even in the larger volumes. Awesome. Also being able to listen to it is amazing.


Agreed! is one of my favorite resources. It’s just unfortunate that new memberships have to be restricted for now due to the copyright issues.

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