Liturgy of the Hours in Latin

Does anyone know a website where I can download the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin?

It is important that the format be convertable to PDF, TXT, DOC, EBOOK, MOBI, or HTML. I desire to pray the LOTH in Latin via my Amazon Kindle, but I cannot find a version that can be converted to PDF, or any other format that can be read on a Kindle.

The only online version in Latin that I can find is at and they use the Isilo format which can’t be read on a Kindle or converted into anything.

If you go to each individual hour for the day, you can download it via PDF.

Thank you, but I was looking for the newer version (Ordinary Form). It seems that this is according to traditional calendar.

As much as I would love to pray the older form in Latin, I don’t have the time.

Does anyone know of any versions in the more recent form available in Kindle friendly format?

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