Liturgy of the Hours in Latin?

Does anyone know where I might find the Latin form of common prayers used in the Liturgy of the Hours?

I’m not looking for a completely Latin version, just those prayers that are constant throughout and never change, such as the invitatory, Canticles, et cetera.

I still prefer to read the psalms, readings, and antiphons in English.


Here you go!

I found Lauds going on at a parish I was going to 7:30am mass for and it started at 7:00 so I go. All but the readings and psalms, and intercessions and that are done in Latin (common prayers). I love it.


Psalmi facillimi sunt inter omnes partes officii divini. Difficiliores sunt hymni, cantici, lectiones, et preces concludentes.

Aliquot versus dittantes inveniuntur in loco Hic unus est:

Domine, labia mea aperies.
Et os meum annutiabit laudem tuam.

Much obliged!!! Thanks! :smiley:

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