Liturgy of the hours - missing antiphons?

I found time to say Daytime Prayer today and noticed that while the 4 week psalter has 3 antiphons (one each for the 2 psalms and the canticle), the Advent proper for Daytime Prayer has only a single antiphon for each of Midmorning, Midday and Midafternoon. My 4 volume Breviary is the same as my single volume in this regard. Do I use the same antiphon for all 3 (psalms and canticle)?


When there’s only one antiphon, we use it once before the psalms and once at the end of all three psalms, with no antiphons between the psalms (but still praying the Glory Be after each psalm). Hope this helps!

Correct, during these seasons all three psalms are said under the same antiphon, for Terce, Sext or None.

If chanting the psalmody one only uses the incipit for the first psalm, but one does chant the Gloria Patri after each psalm.

Thanks. It seemed awkward to me to repeat the same antiphon around each psalm but bracketing the entire psalmody with a single antiphon makes sense for the season.

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