Liturgy of the Hours on tape/CD?


Is the Liturgy of the Hours available on tape or CD by any chance?

My work schedule is becoming pretty hectic and I’m missing praying the Hours especially Morning and Evening Prayers. I have about a 45 minute drive to and from work so I could listen. I know it’s less than perfect and unless the prayers are memorized there will not be much participation.


I would be intrested in one also.:slight_smile:


Fr. Roderick Vonhogen does a LotH podcast of the morning and evening prayers.

It’s called “Praystation Portable”

There is a ‘subscribe’ link in the above webpage that will give you a link you can put into any podcast subscription engine.

I get it on my Zune each morning.


I would suggest that you visit

if you like to have music interspersed throughout the Liturgy of the Hour you are celebrating.

I love this one! :thumbsup:


Thanks. I’ll check them out.


Hello, I know your problem, what I'm trying to do is put the Divine Office in electronic format then convert each text into audio with a tts program. This way every part will be ready to download and put on cds so everyone, time constraints or not can pray the Brievary. If anyone wants to give a hand to put it into electronic format with me please contact - [email][/email]


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