Liturgy of the Hours--praying at specific times


For the past few months or so, I’ve been regularly praying 3 times a day but was using the Magnificat for my morning and night prayers. My husband and I just began the discernment process for becoming a Lay Carmelite and so I am making the adjustment to praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

My question is this: When praying the morning and night prayers for the Liturgy of Hours, is it necessary to pray them at 6am and 9pm exactly?


As a lay person there is never an exact time that any of the Hours have to be said. The only exact timing at which things are said depend on if you join a religious community or even a secular community. They may expect exact times. Most secular groups that I know, except for when in community, don’t require exact timing. Most groups the do require you to do Morning and Evening prayer only say that you are required to do them, and they only expect that Morning is said during the morning and Evening is said during the evening.


Thanks for responding...I wasn't finding a lot available online when trying to google this. :)


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