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I use the four-volume set (purchased in the 1980s) while everyone else in my group that prays Morning Prayer before the early Mass uses Christian Prayer. I have noticed that the Scripture reading that follows the Psalms is frequently longer in Christian Prayer than it is in my set.

Anyone know why that is? Is it because the four-volume set includes the Office of Readings and it’s assumed the person using it will pray Office of Readings also (to give them a shortened version in Morning Prayer)?

The 4 volume set has the official reading while the Christian Prayer volume adds some extra verses before/after for enrichment.

If anyone would know @oralabora would.

I hadn’t noticed as I never use Christian Prayer; moreover my 4-volume set is in French. I also own the 4-volume Latin Editio Typica, 2000 edition, and the French 1-volume (equivalent to, but not identical to CP). All the French volumes correspond to the Editio Typica. Christian Prayer is the odd one out and seems to add to the readings at times.

Those are the facts, easy to verify. The why however… not so easy. The local episcopal conference is responsible for vernacular editions. Someone there would know, assuming he didn’t take the answer with him to his grave.

Edit: from the General Instructions

  1. In the liturgy of the hours there is a longer reading of sacred Scripture and a shorter reading.

  2. The longer reading, optional at morning prayer and evening prayer, is described in no. 46.

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