Liturgy of the Hours question, again


So for Matins, it can exclude extra Canticles and a Holy Gospel reading on Sundays and Feasts Some of the Gospel readings are not in the Breivary, What should I do for these? For example it says for the Feast of the Sacred Heart "the Gospel is taken from one of the readings thats not used at Mass. But I can’t find these readings (for the US) online.



I understand it to refer to the three-year cycle of readings in The Lectionary for Mass as Year A, B, or C. 2014 is Year A and the Gospel reading at Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart is Matthew 11:25-30. Since the Gospel readings for 2015 (Year B) and 2016 (Year C) are different, the extra Gospel for Matins 2014 for the Feast can be taken from either Year B or Year C.


What book are you using?

I just checked the 1-volume Christian Prayer. The Feast of the Sacred Heart can be hard to locate (in the Missal as well). It’s listed after the Sundays in Ordinary Time; in other words, after Corpus Christi, in the first part of the book, not in the month of June in the later part of the book.

Tell us which book you’re using and someone can probably help you locate it.


That’s correct. However it might be interesting to point out that in the current (i.e. post-Vatican II) monastic breviary, one uses the same gospel as at Mass.

I think the reason is that it is customary for the abbot to give a homily at Matins after he proclaims the gospel (in the monastic tradition the abbot proclaims the gospel at Matins). At Matins the homily will be adapted more towards monastics, and at Mass (if there is one; there usually is for solemnities and Sundays but not feasts), towards the laity as there’s always quite a number of laity at Mass in the monastery.

So even if using the 4-week LOTH, I will use the same gospel as at Mass to be consistent with my abbey.


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