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I am a lay person who is learning to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. My husband and I enjoy praying together and would like to pray some of the hours together. We each have a one volume Breviary, an Ordo, and we also have Madelyn Nugent’s book of detailed instructions on praying this beautiful office. My question is this: in the Office of Readings, what is the “response” after the Biblical and non-Biblical readings? I can’t seem to figure out where it is. Many thanks.


I am guessing you have the Catholic Book Publishing edition of Christian Prayer. If that is correct, then the response is:

Not included in that volume. :frowning:

Best option is to not worry about it for now.



Thanks, Tee. I do indeed have the Catholic Book Publishing edition of Christian Prayer. I appreciate you clearing this up for me.


The Te Deum is prayed after the Office of Readings on Sundays only.
I have the single volume Christian Prayer. It was how I was introduced to the LOTH while on a private retreat with Marianists.
I began my own practice with Morning and Evening Prayer. Under spiritual direction, I added the Office of the Readings. Since I do not have the “official” readings that are a part of the 4 Volume LOTH, I choose a book to read that will help me in my spiritual growth. The book I choose may be a classic like St. Theresa of Avila or St. Augustine, or it may be a more contemporary book. After I read the Scriptural readings, listed in the back of the Appendix, I read a chapter ( or just a page or 2) of the book I am reading at the time. I find I retain more of the information than when I read from cover to cover in just one sitting. My current book is Early Christian Lives.

I have friends who subscribe to Magnificat. Magnificat contains an abbreviated version of the LOTH along with daily readings. Each issue also has The Canticle of Mary, the Canticle of Zechariah, and the Te Deum. I have clipped these from issues I was given and glued them to the back of my Christian Prayer.
I also have a volume of Christian Poetry that belonged to my brother before he died. I use one of the 700 poems in this book at the beginning of the Office of Readings.

This post went longer than your question. The time after the Office of Readings is a time when you might pray other prayers as well. The Montfort Fathers and the Daughters of Wisdom (according to my copy of True Devotion to Mary) use the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary as their morning prayer. I have found different orders (based on websites that show daily life) add different prayers after the Office of Readings. It is a time when they read the Church Fathers and/or Lives of the Saints.


Thank you, DebChris, for your response to my question. I sincerely appreciate your sharing of how you pray the Office of Readings. I just began praying the LOTH during Advent so I still have much to learn.


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