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Hello all and I think this is the right forum for this question…
Praying the LOH today (Jan 6). I use the Cath. Bk Pub edition and the St. Joseph Guide (for the one volume). For the 6th of Jan, after the MP it has '824 Pr proper (6) or 1471.

On the next line it has, after EP…then 830 Pr (6)

I know that Pr means prayer, but what prayer specifically? And what does the word proper refer to and most importantly what does the (6 ) refer to? I’ve been praying LOH for 12 yrs and maybe I knew this at one time but I’m lost. And actually, while I’m on the topic, there is a (5) at the end of the first line. What’s that?


I think this is it from the Format of the Offices:

According to the principles on pages 34-37, whenever a saint is celebrated as a Memorial, the numbers in parentheses refer to the page in the Common that is to be used; the numbers without parentheses refer to the page in the Psalter that is to be used. (see page 37 under Memorials)

I’m still trying to figure it out so if you do, please share. God bless.

If I figure it out I will let you know, and I know about the usual use of the page numbers in the parentheses, but this number, 6 - and the other letters don’t make sense to me.

The number 6 refers to the page in the LOTH Supplement (which has propers for new Saints), which has the proper prayer for Frère André.

Saint Brother André, ora pro nobis! :slight_smile:

oOOHHH…That’s right! I never had the supplement! That makes sense now~! Thank you - pax et bonum.

I was wondering the same thing this morning. It had (6) but when I looked, page six was the table of contents or something.

I was sure that Jesus would ask me some day, “Uh, why did you pray the table of contents to me?” :confused:

Thanks for clearing it up curlycool and for saving me the embarassing question on judgement day!


Maybe I’m not right in the head this year, but it just seems confusing to me. Take today for instance. Friday Jan 7: In the guide it has this: MP (231) (1426) 835; … for EP (233) (1430) 840; Now the numbers in parentheses are for the Saints, holy men/women, so why do they still list 835 and 840? Do I pray it all? In what order do I pray the above listings? Now, yesterday, Thursday it had (1470). So I go there and at the top of that page it said, 'everything is taken from the common of holy men, 1448, or of holy women, 1459, except the following: So if I am praying do I turn to 1448/1459 first then come back to 1470 and what do I do with the other page numbers listed?


Because the prayers for the Saint’s feastday are optional.

Only Memorials of Saints are the norm for that particular day.


BTW, over the years of praying the LOTH, there have been occasions when there were misprints in the guide.

Use, when in doubt.


Thank you. That is a nice site!

I highly recommend the book Divine Office for Dodos - it answered all the questions that I had related to options in the guide.

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