Liturgy of the Hours question

So, I ordered Volume 3 of the Divine Office and its arrived(the U.S. Breviary). I have a couple of questions about it.

1.) Which week in Ordinary time will we be in after Whitsunday?

2.) Which Psalter will we be on?

3.) For Compline, Sunday prayer can be prayed everyday, I was wondering, when one does this, what do you do for the readings and collect, use the ones of the current weekday; say for example, I’m praying Sunday Compline on Thursday, I’d use the Psalms from Sunday one and reading and collect form Thursday?

4.) When praying the Office alone, can the V. Benedicámus Dómino. R. Deo grátias. be added? In the Breviary it says “In the communal celebration of the office, the acclamation is added:” But is it okay to add it when prayed alone?


  1. 10th week in Ordinary Time
  2. Week II of the psalter
  3. You use the readings and collects of the day, and the psalmody of Sunday.

I was at a monastery in France that uses the Monastic Breviary where Psalms 4, 90 and 133 are used every day. It is chanted in directum (a simple tone), from memory in the dark. The reading and collect are from the day; the lector goes up to the ambo, turns on a small lectern light, reads the reading. Same thing for the collect. It’s very beautiful.

Thanks! I bet that was beautiful, you Benedictines can make any Office sound like the choirs of Angels themselves!


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