Liturgy of the Hours Saint Memorials


I know for Saint memorials we are given the choice for the hymns, chapter & Response, and Intercessions between the weekday or commons for the most part. Since thats the case, which do you prefer to do on memorial. I’ve been thinking of hymn and Gospel Antiphons from the Commons and Chapter and Intercessions from the current weekday.



The hymns are optional provided that there are no proper hymns.

Usually I use the commons. Mainly because in my sung versions of the LOTH, whether monastic or Roman, I have to use another book anyway for the collect. I also like that in the intercessions the saint is often mentioned.

But sometimes, out of laziness, I take everything from the day except the collect.


I tend to use just the Hymn from the Common, and, if there is no Proper Gospel antiphon, then I take those from the Common as well, but ONLY in Ordinary Time. During Advent, Lent and Easter, I take only the Hymn from the Common, everything else is weekday.

If the saint is one I feel a greater affinity to, then I also take the Invitatory, Reading, and Intercessions from the Common as well, taking just the Psalms and Antiphons from the Psalter, but this is more rare for me.

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