Liturgy of the Hours - Saturday Memorial of the BVM

I try to pray the Office when I can (I currently have the one-volume Christian Prayer). On certain Saturdays, of course, you can choose to pray an optional memorial of Mary. In Christian Prayer, this includes the Invitatory’s antiphon, and the propers for Morning Prayer. Nothing on the Office of Readings or Evening Prayer. Since Christian Prayer is a shorter version of the Liturgy of the Hours, I thought perhaps there were some Saturday Memorial propers that were left out. Naturally the same collect would be used. Does Vespers have any proper antiphons/readings/intercessions etc. that haven’t been included in Christian Prayer? Same sort of question for the Office of Readings. Or would one pull some stuff from the Common of the BVM Evening II pages? Anything anyone knows would be appreciated!

Since Christian Prayer does not have the complete Office of Readings, you can’t really use this edition. But the texts for morning prayer are complete; nothing is left out. During the memorial of the Blessed Virgin on a Saturday, you take the psalms and canticles with their antiphon from the current weekday, everything else is proper.

There is no evening prayer because being a Saturday, you would pray Evening Prayer I for the following Sunday.

For the Office of Readings, there are no proper psalms or antiphons for memorials of any kind. You would optionally use the hymn for the day or a hymn from the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You would also use one of the optional collects in the Common.

For the readings, if you use the 1-year lectionary from the 4-volume LOTH, you use one of the optional hagiographic readings with its accompanying responsory from the Common for the second reading; the first, or scripture, reading is always from the day.

In my case I use a 2-year monastic lectionary, and the second reading for Saturdays is always related to the BVM regardless if one celebrates the optional memorial or not.

As Porthos11 mentioned Vespers on Saturday evening is always for the following Sunday and thus would not consider the memorial.

Similarly, for mid-day prayers, memorials are never taken into account, unless one is signing in Gregorian chant. Then the hymn has the same words but a different tone. But the psalmody, versicles, readings and collects are always from the day for memorials, the memorial is not taken into account.

Thanks for the help, guys!

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