Liturgy of the Hours


Does anyone have a St. Joseph’s Guide for 2009 handy? I’m familiar with praying the Liturgy of the Hours but I need to pick up the current guide.



I don’t use the St. Joseph guide, but I do use this.


This site puts up the Guide for the Four Volume Version every week.


Is for the four volume set, by the month.



Every month I put a ready-to-print PDF version of this schedule at our OCDS community’s mailing-list: You can find it under “Files” (currently, the file “Christian Prayer - 0901.pdf”).

If one prints both pages on a single page, it can be easily folded inside the breviary.




Very very very very SWEET!

I realized my Ordo is out of date, being from 2008. And, I was wondering how I was going to pull off the usage!

Here we go!

THANK YOU! :smiley:


Wow! I’m impressed! Thank you all so much for your help and God bless!


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