Liturgy of the Hours



I want to start praying the LOTH but I have no idea where to start. I have the Christian Prayer version (not the four volumns). I have been looking on the internet for some kind of direction but now I am really lost. Does anyone know of a good site that is easy for beginners?



My best suggestion for a beginner would be to start with the Shorter Christian Prayer. It has Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer and is so much more “user friendly” than Christian Prayer.

Even after a year of praying SCP, I needed to get my nun friend to show me the ropes of the one-volume CP. :eek: And, still, for my daily prayers I use SCP. I only break out Christian Prayer for Feast Days.

That being said, there are helpful websites, and I’m sure someone will be along with one shortly. :thumbsup:


Divine Office for Dodos!
Great how-to, step by step book. The bookmarks and ribbons are a must! I had two other how-to books before this one, and they left me even more baffled. This is great! :slight_smile:


This site is excellent. I use it every day


So I went out and bought the SCP (it looks much easier!), but I can’t find what week we are in. Does anyone know?


I’m trying to pray it but I get lost a lot too, sorry!! Just find out what liturgical week it is, and then find that week in the book :slight_smile: and follow the instructions from there.

It’s wonderful to pray the liturgy of the hours cause you can join your prayers to others who are praying it…cause at every moment 24/7, SOMEONE is praying it! :smiley:


Thank you so much, just found it. Now to start the best part!


I to want to start this. I have two volumes but I dont know how to use them. Yet!


The best place I’ve found for learning how to pray the LOTH out of any of the books is here. Just click on the “Discovering Prayer” link. They will send you a link to a pdf that is wonderful. It has a nice intro and the specifics on praying all the various hours, including page numbers and examples from the major books, the 4-volume, Christian Prayer, Shorter Christian Prayer, and A Shorter Morning and Evening Prayer.

Don’t worry, it is all a bit overwhelming at first, but it will soon come much more naturally! :smiley:


How do the prayers in Magnificat compare to the LOTH? Magnificat only has Morning, Evening, and Night. Are they the same prayers and readings?


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