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You will all have to forgive my ignorance when it comes to some of the Catholic Customs & Traditions. You see I am a convert to the Catholic religion as of 2007. I recently purchased a copy of Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours. However I am having difficulty in located the Morning, Daytime, Evening Prayers and the Office of Readings. Is there any way to locate the correct readings for today July 30th. I would really appreciate any help that can be provided. God Bless You All.

Christian prayer is the abbreviated version of the 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours. There is also a guide for the daily readings, updated every year. Also, you can find the daily readings online.

BTW, I found that the best price for the leather-bound 4-volume set of the LOTH was Wallmart online. You might also check eBay; sets appear there from time to time.

If you’re using the one-volume Christian Prayer it is basically morning, evening, and night prayers. If you want to do the Office of Readings you need the four-volume set.

The one-volume set from Catholic Book Publishing has morning and evening prayer starting on page 701. Night prayer starts on page 1034. We’re currently in week 1 of the Psalter.

There are plenty of different sources for “calendars” to indicate what the liturgical day would be. There are a few online versions, PDA versions, etc. They’re usually called a “guide” or an “ordo” I don’t use them myself, so I have no links to provide.

Here is the website for the publisher of your printing of Christian Prayer
Every year, they publish a new guide as a companion for your book. The cost is $2 and it’s well worth it to have that pamphlet handy.
Be careful to buy the one that actually matches your particular book, because the guides have page numbers (and sometimes volume numbers), so you want to be certain they match.

It sounds like you need the “St Joseph Guide for Christian Prayer 2009” .
Note that you don’t want “Guide…Liturgy of the Hours” as this is for the 4-volume printing.

These guides are updated every year and run from November to November (church year, not calendar year).

Hope that helps.

Until you get a paper Ordo (or get used to the calendar), this site keeps up pretty well. St Francis DeSales Books and Gifts

[Edit: I presume you have the Catholic Book Publishing edition – If you have the Daughters of St Paul, I think you may be a bit out of luck]*


…As long as you use your head as well – Looks like there is a typeset or scanning error on this evening’s EP. Without even having my book at hand, I presume it should be:
EP (1430 or 1436)754
(not: 154)


You might consider getting Shorter Christian Prayer which is the easiest version of the LOTH for laypeople. It too has a supplemental that helps you keep track of the weeks, seasons, holy days, etc.

Sorry, Jean, but I couldn’t help get a bit of a laugh. We’ve got the full “Liturgy of the Hours”, “Christian Prayer” and “Shorter Christian Prayer”. Next up is “Even Shorter Christian Prayer”. :smiley:

I started out with Christian Prayer and graduated up to the full LOTH. What a great prayer we have. It’s a bit weird, but I sleep better at night after saying the Night Prayers.

This site might help:

actually that was my intro to LOTH, the Jesuits had a little prayer book with samples of morning, evening and night prayer, to get you through one week, one of those thank-you gifts for a donation. I fell in love with it, bought the one-vol CP and got totally confused. Was glad to find SCP which we use as oblates, but got full instruction from a fellow oblate who is also a priest (and restored daily LOTH at the Basilica which has become very popular). my brother gave me the 4-vol and Fr. Greg showed me how to use it. (my brother went back to his old Latin breviary). I probably would never have invested in it myself, but I use it daily and love it, and usually find something in the psalms or readings to use in whatever class I am teaching that day. I still use SCP when I travel, because that is usually the summer time and don’t have to worry about the seasons, I have Word Among Us for readings so I am all set.

my recommendation for someone new to LOTH is Shorter Christian Prayer because the first task is to become familiar with the 4 week psalter, and then to understand about “flipping pages” for Sunday, feasts and seasons. This is a non-intimidating way to do that. a fellow oblate glued 3 ribbons in each book for us, something anyone can do with a glue gun, and greatly simplifies the matter.

Thank you all very very much. I have a copy of Christian Prayer and was able to get a copy of the Saint Joseph Guide, as someone had suggested. Thank you again for all of your answers to my question.

Just to chime in on this…

Praying the LOTH can be very confusing at first. If at all possible, try to find a group or fellow parishioner who is praying the LOTH daily. It really helps to watch someone set the ribbons and flip through the book during prayer. Until then, don’t get bogged down with having to pray it exactly “right”. Thank God for the blessing of the desire He has given you to pray this beautiful prayer.

Deacon Ray

Bears repeating:

And especially:



Join this web group:

There are MANY knowledgeable people who answer questions.

God bless,



I’m new to the LOTH and recently purchased a copy of “Shorter Christian Prayer”. I can’t seem to figure out just where we are in the liturgical year. The ebrevity site is handy because it has it laid out by date, but I’d like to pray from my new book. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Shorter Christian Prayer is the book I use too. :slight_smile:

We are now in week I of the four-week psalter. This coming Sunday will start week 2, then week 3 the Sunday after that, etc. When you’ve gone through the four weeks, start over again with week 1. (The guide for all this is on…page 15 I believe.) There are readings for every day of the week.

Week days are simple. Sundays and Feasts can be a bit more complicated, but if you follow the instructions before the Sunday readings you should get the hang of it. I was lost too when I first started, but now it’s very simple.

oh, ok. Turns out, I was on the right day. I wasn’t sure of the repetition, but that makes sense. Your post was very helpful, thank you very much!


actually… I have another related question: I understand the part you described now, but how does the rest of the parts fit in, namely the Proper of Seasons and Proper of Saints?

This reminds me of when I first started learning the Bible!



I use the st joseph guide. It is sort of like a missalette. It is published each year and goes through each date of the calendar year. It tells you what page(s) for each set of prayers for each day. It lists optional memorials for saints as well. It isn’t expensive (seems lik it was about $2). You simply buy a new one at the first of each year. It makes life realtively easy and is a small enough a pamphlet that I am able to zip it up with my book in the case.

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