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I want to consecrate my hourly life to God and the Blessed Mother. I wish to practice the Office. I know very little about it, though…
Where do I buy the Liturgy of the Hours? How, when and with whom should it be prayed? Is it even advisable for young lay people like myself?

Please advise. Thanks!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


There are three basic versions of the LOTH. There is the very expensive but all-encompassing four volume set that the clergy use. There is Christian Prayer, which has Morning, Evening, and Night prayers plus the texts for the various feat days. There is also Shorter Christian Prayer which has Morning, Evening, and Night prayers (IIRC). My reccommendation is to get either Shorter Christian Prayer or Christian Prayer. There is no need to invest $200+ on the four volume set just yet. I might also suggest getting a guide to the LOTH. I used The Divine Office for Dodos. It will teach you how to pray the LOTH. If you want to test the waters, you can log onto, which has the daily prayers online.

In general, you pray Morning prayer (Lauds) when you wake up. I usually do mine just before breakfast. Evening prayer (Vespers) is usually around 6 pm, I do mine before dinner. Night prayer (Compline) I do just before I go to sleep. There is a lot of flexibility in there for the laity, since we are not required to pray the LOTH.

You can pray the LOTH by yourself, or with another, or with a lot of others. It is designed to be prayed in community, however. I do mine alone. If there is no group already doing it near you, you are fine doing it by yourself.

Is it advisable? It depends on you. You seem to be a fairly dedicated Catholic, so as long as you can keep up with the routine, it might be beneficial. For me, it was a different sort of prayer than what I was used to, so it took a little while to get used to it. My wife never really got into it. Try it out. Give it a month or two. Then go from there. Also, don’t worry about the feast days initially. Pick those up later. And don’t kick yourself in the butt for missing a day or missing a prayer.

Good luck and God bless.

We are in the process of studying **Pope John Paul II’s **teaching on the Liturgy of the Hours over in the **Benedictine Spirituality Forum **here at CAF . . . (please see link below) . . . which Forum is dedicated to our . . . Holy Mother . . . the Blessed Virgin Mary . . .

We began reflecting upon the Holy Father’s wonderful introduction last week . . . and are completing the second part of his introduction this week . . . a portion being posted each day for all the Forum members to reflect upon . . . Nearly all of the Forum members pray :gopray2: the **Liturgy of the Hours **. . . *and use many varied forms of same *. . . since the monasteries to which we are attached each have their own recommendations . . . which recommendations for same vary considerably from one monastery to another . . .

You’d be most welcome to join us . . . we have all ages among the members . . . from teenagers on up to several elders in the Church . . . and feel free to ask any questions you have . . . we have several experts who have pray:gopray2:ed various forms of the **Liturgy of the Hours/Divine **Office for years . . . who are always ready to answer questions . . .

And the little Divine Office for DoDo’s was highly recommended recently by one of our Benedictine Oblates as an excellent place to begin learning about this particular prayer discipline . . . also . . . below is the online link to the Divine Office . . . which is posted fresh each day . . .

**Benedictine Forum Link: **

Divine Office Link:

*God bless . . . *
[RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+
. . . Sweet Spirit of our Holy God guide and direct+[/RIGHT]

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

The Divine Office is for everyone (Priest or laity). It is the Official prayer of the Church.:wink:

Visit the link by my signature…:slight_smile:

Hey all!
I just bought the single volume LOTH. It looks daunting:blush: in itself…but I’m excited nonetheless!
I want to begin slowly; get to know its contents and what they mean, for starters. As is apparent, I’m a complete novice :o (in the non-canonical sense). I feel like a bloke fiddling with it…can’t stop laughing at myself. :rotfl:

I am convinced that without constant hourly consecration of my life to Him I will falter. The Liturgy is a lovely way of doing just that. I’m also happy I’m not “obligated” to pray it everyday. If I do it, I’ll do it solely out of love for God.

What an encouragement you all are! Be blest!

There are very good guides available from your religious bookstore. Not horribly expensive, and well worth it.

You will get to the point, I promise, that you can’t imagine not praying it.:slight_smile:

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