liturgy of the hours

What is the best way to learn to pray the liturgy of the hours. i have a book praying the divine office for dodos but i really dont know if im following it correctly and would really like to learn how to do it and correctly. Thanks any advice much appreciated!

I use the divine office app from surgeworks. It includes audio for all the prayers so I know how and when the responses should be said. It’s really helped me get into it., is the best place I know of, if you don’t have some one to teach you.

They show you where to place the ribbons in the breviary and have a free audio to guide you.

Other than that, the more you pray the office, the better you’ll understand it.


In addition to what has already been recommended in this thread, you may want to consider getting the St. Joseph Guide each year, which is an inexpensive booklet telling you which page numbers to refer to each day of the year. It is designed to fit easily inside the cover of a breviary. There is a version for the 4-Volume LOTH as well as a version for Christian Prayer, and here are links for them (some Catholic bookstores carry them as well):

St. Joseph Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours
St. Joseph Guide for Christian Prayer

I also invite you and anyone else who is interested in learning and/or discussing the LOTH to join my CAF social group, The Fellowship of the Breviary.
I am monitoring the wall messages therein on a daily basis, and will be happy to answer any questions (FWIW, I’ve been praying the LOTH every day for 14 years).

Check this site -

This links you to the Universalis Site, which is fine if you’re going to limit yourself to praying the LOTH using the internet.

However, I recommend that people purchase “Christian Prayer, The Liturgy of the Hours,” or the four volume set of the Liturgy of the Hours, both published by Catholic Book Publishing.

The reason being, the breviary can be used with most other groups, especially 3rd order groups, should you ever be led down that path.

It’s also the breviary many parish priests use, so if you need some explanation, they can help.


The best way to learn the Liturgy of the Hours is to find a community that prays it and join in the prayer.

Yup. :thumbsup:


You could also ask your parish priest, or any priest for that matter. They’re still supposed to be praying these on their own every day, and even if the one you ask is lax in his own private practice, he should at least know the basic structure of it.

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