liturgy of the hours

Is there a Divine Office for lay people? I really don’t want to get the 4-books that the religious use.

You can get the single breviary “Christian Prayer, The Liturgy of the Hours.”

This has Morning and Evening prayer as the four volume set, but the Office of the Readings are limited.

My wife and myself used this with our OCDS group all through our years, until we finally managed to find a way to get two sets of the four volume set, for the price of one. Long story.

Anyway, the single volume is pretty much what anyone one needs, being most people only have time for Morning and Evening prayer.

divineoffice,org, has information and instruction for both the single volume, or the four volume set.


In England there is a single volume Morning and Evening Prayer, which also contains Night Prayer (Compline) and all the special prayers for common offices of saints and prayers for particular saints’ days.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of. Try the internet.

you could always use the resources at – they have all the prayers that you’d find in the four-volume set, online! To get directly to the prayers for the day, go to

You can get the “Magnificat” that comes out once a month, mailed right to your door. It has morning and evening prayers. It would be a great start and there would be no flipping backwards and forwards. Make sure you get the one with morning and evening prayers because they do put one out that is just daily meditations.

You can also get smart phone apps from ibreviary (free) and (for around $17) and pray the office on your phone.

Now the Christian Prayer or Liturgy of the Hours (previously, Divine Office) is open to both the clergy, the religious, and the lay faithful.

Either the 1-book or the 4-book version will include the parts that are meant for lay faithful vs. priests (especially regarding blessings, which the lay faithful may not give).

In addition to Christian Prayer (which has already been mentioned by others in this thread) there is also an even smaller version called Shorter Christian Prayer. To learn the difference between the 4-Volume LOTH, Christian Prayer and Shorter Christian Prayer, please click on the link to The Fellowship of the Breviary and read what I posted in a recent wall message.

There are plenty of Catholic breviaries available which were created with laypeople in mind (i.e., they are more “user friendly” when attempting to learn them). Perhaps the most popular of them is the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I also recommend Celtic Prayers from Iona (although you will need to use this particular breviary in conjunction with a Bible as it only gives you Bible citations but not the actual passages).

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