Liturgy of the Hours


Actually, it says that on Saturday June 8th, prefaced by OS (Office du soir, or Evening Prayer). But I see now that there is a similar note for every Saturday. I never noticed that before. I usually have Saturdays off so I rarely consult the Ordo for that day.

Thanks. That’s very helpful. :thumbsup: I was looking for daily LOTH notes, as I thought you were saying in an earlier post that there should be an entry for each day. My bad.

Canada has an Ordo for the entire country? My Ordo is only valid in my ecclesiastical province.


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I could really use something like that. It would get me off my spiritual director's back (unfortunately for him, I see him every day :p). Sadly, to my knowledge such a guide doesn't exist in France.


True, my suggestion only works for those in the U.S. :o


Canada in this case is only one ecclesiastical province, and the Ordo applies nationwide (of course,there’s a French edition, but the contents are the same).

But yes, normally I would expect an Ordo to indicate pages, but I guess in your case, the saint or celebration is expected to suffice, along with the week’s Psalter.


Excellent advice. While I usually buy a Canadian Ordo (in French) for the ecclesiastical province, the one I follow is the Benedictine Ordo specific for the Solesmes congregation with adaptations for the abbey I’m associated with. The monk responsible for its production always sends me a copy, it comes out on average every 2 months (a section of it that is), or for most of a liturgical period (e.g. Lent). He takes the Solesmes Ordo in Latin, translates it into French, and adds the specific celebrations for our abbey or country (such as the dedication of the abbey church), and removes those specific only to Solesmes.

Best of all, it’s free. For the most part the monastic Ordo follows the general Roman calendar with some saints added and a few removed, as well as addition of Canadian saints. The Canadian Ordo comes in handy, for some recently canonized saints or beatified saints-to-be are in the Ordo and the collects are included, while they aren’t in the French LOTH I use (nor are they included in the abbey’s Ordo). Since they don’t have propers, it gives me everything I need to correctly pray their memorials.


Actually I should correct myself. Canada does have multiple ecclesiastical provinces, but for the purposes of the diocesan Ordo, there is no distinction. Our Ordo is nationwide.


Why spend Money?

Go to and check their calendar. If you need to download their App, and tell it what country you’re in. It will then display your local callenday, and all the local memorials / optional memorials.


Great link. Thanks :thumbsup:


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Hi everyone

I've been saying the liturgy of the hours for about 9 months and am normally quite good at knowing which week we are on and whether it is a saints day, feast day etc. But this morning I am completely stuck! Do we carry on and therefore is it week 4, do we start again at week 1 because Easter is over or could it be one of the other weeks? Completely lost!



The following linked thread in the Fellowship of the Breviary forum is helpful in discerning the answer to these kinds of questions:
Determining Which Week of the 4-Week Cycle it is.


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