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Hey yall…OK. So I really wanna start praying liturgy of the hours. BUT Im 14 and cannot afford a 150 dollar bookset. I REALLY wanna pray it though. It seems so…intimate…with God all day. I decided that after i visited Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, which has a monestary where they pray all the hours. I wanna be apart of that. but my financial ability is low, and idk if my parents will get me a 150 dollar bookset. SO what now? Is there somewhere I can pray it in a CHEAPER way, but not online…ill do it online if i HAVE to but id perfer to get an actual book. and thank you!

You may have to settle for doing online for awhile. There are a few sites were you can listen to the hours and pray along with the monks. I like those. There are also sites were you can read the hours for free. If you are looking for a book. Try used book stores. Sometimes they have no idea what the books are and you can get them pretty cheap.

Way to go for wanting to participate in the constant prayer of the church.

Perhaps starting with one volume at a time and acquire the full set over the year.

I use the “Christian Prayer” single volume book.

Look at it HERE and it’s $37.95 and you would just buy the guide at the beginning of the year.

Either way good luck to you and God Bless you.


I purchased and downloaded the LOTH App from Universalis Publishing to my iPod. Served me well tonight while at Adoration. Was able to say Night Prayer before I came back home.


I use an app on my Android phone. I am sure that there are also apps available for other platforms. It is the best solution, I think.

Good for you my young friend…wow…you are indeed a breath of fresh air for me…I too pray the LOTH , there is a single volume, sort of an abbreviated version of the 4 volume set that I use…I too am having a little problem coming up with the money for the 4 vol set…the single vol…still has prime, terce, sext, none, vespers and compline…so, look into the single volume edition…like somone else on this thread suggested you might also consider purchasing one book at a time of the 4 vol set…but once again…it’s great to hear a young man interested in praying the LOTH…PAX

I bought my own set spread over a year so it wasn’t so hard on the cash flow. First volume when I decided I needed it, then second volume just before the time for it came (I think it was the Lent/Easter volume), then third just before I needed it, etc.

You might also try to look for a used set.

The single volume, Christian Prayer, The Liturgy of the Hours, my wife and myself used as Secular Order Discalced Carmelites, for years before purchasing the four volume set.

Morning and Evening Prayers are the same as the four volume set, and it’s a good way to learn how to pray the LOTH’s, before jumping into the four volume set.


Couple of questions; I’d be interested in your thoughts:

The best online rendering of the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH) is by Their annual subscription price for read-only is $29.95; print-only $49.95, and for both $79.95. We subscribe to the read-only version but I’ve wondered how it is that any group has such a monopoly on the official version of the LOH. Daily Readings and the Bible itself are available at the USCCB site for no fee. Why not the Official Daily Prayer of the Church?

Second, I’ve always wondered why the Church and everyday parishes aren’t more proactive in promoting the LOH. All kinds of salutary devotions are available in most parishes–novenas, rosaries etc.—all of them good without a doubt—but why isn’t the official prayer of the Church emphasized more? Paul VI’s 1970 V-II promulgation on the LOH is rarely referred to. I’ve never seen a class or instructional information on how to pray the hours. The impression I get is that the LOH is for cloistered nuns, monks, and priests.

Kudos to the lady in our parish (Santa Sophia) who leads morning prayer before daily Mass every day. But that’s rare in my experience and only done because a lay woman understands the beauty and salutary impact of the LOH.

I tried to implement Morning and Evening Prayer in my parish on days when Mass wasn’t celebrated, thinking it would give the daily Mass goers something. The most common comment: “What prayer? All we did was sing and there was no rosary.”

eBreviary doesn’t have a monopoly. also has the official version. I believe you can use it on their website for free. For android, I made a one-time purchase of the app for $12.99 or $14.99 (can’t remember for sure which it was), and I have it on both my phone and my tablet. That includes the audio option.

Thanks, Agnes Therese–you just saved us a few bucks. I’m surprised this hasn’t put eBreviary out of business. Other online versions of the LOH use different, non-ICEL translations, AFAIK.

Our schola chanted Lauds at the cathedral in Sherbrooke this morning, at 8 am. It was attended by the “usual suspects”, the truly faithful (and a couple of sisters… in habit I might add). The archbishop presided, assisted by the priest of the cathedral.

We chanted the hymns and antiphons in Latin Gregorian chant but did the psalmody in French, except for the Gospel canticle which we did entirely in Latin, as well as the Pater.

Came off very well. We chanted the gradual Christus Factus Est in lieu of the responsory, ad called for in the rubrics. It’s not a particularly easy chant to master but this time we pulled it off (it was a minor disaster when we sang it at Mass on Palm Sunday).

You know that envy is one of the cardinal sins, don’t you. Your posts regularly puts me in danger. :slight_smile:

Have a Blessed Easter.

As a Desclsed Carmelite secular I use the one volume Christian Prayer book since I can not afford the 4 volume set. In some ways it is easier to use then the 4 volume set, and you might be able to find a used book online or at a book store, they might even be able to order it for you a used one can’t hurt to try anyway. great that you are interested in praying the LOTH.

Just do as I did several years ago, I started with one volume and got the other ones step by step because I couldn’t afford them all at once. I also understand that you don’t want to pray “online” - I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so either, I need a real book for praying.

Have a look at that, would that be an affordable alternative?

The listing says 1965, I don’t think that’s the current version. Maybe someone has actually seen it and can tell us for sure.

If you or your family have some sort of Tablet device or smartphone, try the iBreviary app:

It’s beautiful, it’s complete, it’s easy, it’s free.

EDIT: I had forgotten that iBreviary also has a web version of the Hours:

You can, if you wish, explore a bit of what the app offers, albeit without the lovely graphics. You’ll notice easily enough that not only does iBreviary present the Hours in an easy to follow manner, but that there’s a very nice selection of prayers and rites, as well as things like the daily mass readings.

Please try it, I think you’ll like it.

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