Liturgy of the Hours

So tell me where can someone who is Roman Catholic find a copy of the Liturgy of the Hours, that uses the Douay Rheims or RSV-SCE translation in the text. Not a liberal inclusive text that even the Vatican disapproves of. Like the NAB or NRSV. And I’m not talking about a Pre-Vatican 2 Book or Hours either.
This is all I can find?.
Or are their no non-liberal publishers who would produce something as elegant.
In Orthodoxy, all of our liturgical materials use non-inclusive translations.

Whenever I need to find something that cannot be found anywhere else… I go to eBay. Just an idea…


I’m not sure whether the version used in the LOTH is the inclusive one that the Vatican disapproves of.

The LOTH produced by the bishops of the UK/NZ/Aust. makes use of 3 translations: RSV, Jerusalem and Knox.

please cite the Vatican document where the NAB translations have been disapproved. Since the problems with the NAB psalms and lectionary selections have long since been resolved, and it is now the version approved for our lectionary, that should be a real stretch for you. Since the NRSV is approved for use in Canada for the lectionary, I would have to insist on seeing the Vatican disapproval of that translation as well.

I use the ones from Catholic Book Publishing Company that you reference the Christian prayer books, and I also use their complete 4 volume set of the LOTH that is sold in all the Catholic book stores that I see. These are not inclusive text nor disapproved by the Church - they are in fact used by every clergy that I have seen…


I use “The Liturgy Of The Hours” 4 volume set.
Catholic Book Publishing Co.
According to the Roman Rite
Approved by the Episcopal Conferences of the Antilles, Bangledesh, Burma, Canada, of the Pacific CEPAC (Fiji Islands, Rarotangta, Samoa and Takelau, Tonga), Ghana, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua, New Guinea and The Solomons, The Phillipines, Rhodesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, and The United States of America for use in their dioceses and Confirmed by the Apostolic See

Use of this set has been wonderful for me. Buyer Beware - I have not gone looking for problems with it. :slight_smile:

This is what I use, as well. The biblical text are from the NAB, as approved by the USCCB. I am also considering paying for a subscription to the electronic version, so I can lighten my load when traveling… …they use the same text. I prefer this to the Universalis site, which many use, because they use the Jerusalem Bible.

BTW…I found this on the EWTN site:

Full Versions of the Roman Breviary
*Liturgia Horarium, *editio typica altera (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1985). This is the official Latin text, in 4 volumes, and is lawful throughout the Latin Rite.

Liturgy of the Hours, approved for use in the United States, Canada, South Africa and most English-speaking countries. US edition is published in 4 volumes by Catholic Book Publishing Co, NYC, NY. The 4 volumes correspond to the liturgical seasons (Advent/Christmas, Ordinary Time 1-17, Lent/Easter, Ordinary Time 18-34) and can be purchased individually or as a set.

Divine Office, approved for use in Australia, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, Gambia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Singapore, new Zealand, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Published in 3 volumes by Harper Collins Publishers, London, England.

You can buy the Liturgia Horarium at

You can also download a free copy to your handheld device…

There is no Liturgy of the Hours that uses the D-R or RSV-2CE for the translation. The reason is because the conferences of bishops chose other translations for their vernacular editions, and these were the editions approved by the Holy See.

The edition approved for the US is the one published by Catholic Book Publishing Co. Although the NAB is used for the readings and the Grail Psalms for the psalms, I will note that this is from the 1970’s when inclusive language was not such a problem. The 1970 NAB is actually not too bad in regards to inclusive language; i.e., for example, it still uses man to designate all humans. However, there still is a little inclusive language in the US Liturgy of the Hours.


And unfortunately the Good News Bible and New English Bible as well.

for OP, you might very well find the LOTH translation for the UK, described above, much more congenial, and you can pray any approved version for private use. be warned you will find the psalms in the US version very grating after using the UK version.

But not very often. The 3 versions are usually the ones most used for the Scripture Readings, I think.

puzzleannie, the psalm versions used in both are the non inclusive Grail (1963)

BTW…do you pray the Horologian?

Anyway, I’m assuming most “traditional” Catholics would prefer the Liturgia Horarium. Wasn’t it prayed in Latin before Vatican II?

the psalms in the UK version I have (1974 3 vol Divine Office) are distinctly different that those in my 4 vol LOTH (1976 Catholic book pub). title page does not give source of psalms.

That *is *interesting! Mine give the same psalm versions but they are recent (well, fairly recent) books. They must have changed it somewhere down the line from when it was first published. I wonder whether it’s the Knox-what is the first verse of psalm 128/129?

Not so’s you’d notice! It still says ‘Hail, full of grace’ on the Annunciation, and the Psalms are pretty much all from the Grail Psalter, so little if any inclusive language.

Eg Psalm 40(41):

‘Happy the man who considers the poor and the weak.
The Lord will save him in the day of evil,
will guard him, give him life, make him happy in the land …’

I don’t know if this would interest you…but the Liturgy of the Hours is sung in Latin on the Vatican radio… under devotions…

the short readings and responsories are also different, and in some cases the bible readings for OR, but what is puzzling is the psalm numbering, of course is off by one most of the time, which you can get used to, but at times the psalms themselves are different. both of these were sent to me by my brother at different times and are pretty old, but I could never afford them on my own. He now uses the Latin breviary only, which of course is another good option for OP.

I also carry when I travel a pocket size confraternity translation of the psalms, which also has all the canticles in the back, because it remains my favorite (this is the one from early 20th c Pope Pius 10? 11?). Most of us in my (old) generation who fondly remember the bible we grew up with are actually remembering the Confraternity version, not the DR.

i’m resurrecting this thread to ask a question.

Where can one find the UK Liturgy of the Hours for purchasing?

I recently sold my 4-Vol. LotH (Cath.Bk.Pub.) and have been trying the Liturgia Horarum (digital form on my Palm Pilot). However, while I am not yet fluent in Latin, it is hard to pray while I go fumbling through my Latin dictionary.

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