Liturgy of the Word with Consecration?


The priest in my parish celebrated Mass the other day.
At first everything was normal; but then, after a 15 minute homily and the presentation of the gifts, he immediately pronounced the word of Consecration!!, and after the Consecration, he immediately invited us to pray the Our Father! then there was no peace rite and he started to distribute Communion!
He was in a hurry because he was going to celebrate some Baptisms next and it was getting a little late, but I think he rather not give a homily than supress the Preface and all of the Eucharistic Prayer (except for the words of Consecration)!!
Does a priest have the faculty to do that? it that super shortened Mass valid? :confused:


Yes-you will find this even more when attending different Catholic churches. Slight deviation in words, kneeling, homily and so forth


Are you sure he didn’t say some of the prayers quietly (vox secreta)? This can be especially easy to miss if there’s music going on during the offertory.


But that shoudn’t include the Preface. The music is supposed to be over by the time the Lavabo is over.


True - and there’s the not-so small matter of the epiclesis…


There was no music going on.
And I know the Mass well and he did not say the Preface nor the Eucharistic Prayer in silence, he passed from the offertory to the Consecration to the Our Father without transition nor silence.
My question is if a priest has the faculty to shorten Mass like that, and if so, what parts are considered essencial to assure the validity of the Mass?


Twice overvyears I remember a priest ,loosing his place. ,once he skipped aheadvbut then realized and went back. Another time one startedd torepeat himself but caught himself. Is it possible that this happened because he was distracted with the time crunch


Quite possibly not. Certainly it was very, very illicit. Invalid? Proper words of consecration said? Perhaps valid, but I would think that going straight from the presentation of the gifts to the consecration is totally forbidden - if anyone ever even thought that they would have to determine that!


No, a priest may absolutely not shorten Mass like that (aside from the sign of peace, which is optional). The Church forbids anyone from changing the rubrics and the prayers of the Mass. Skipping right to the consecration is exceptionally grave and the bishop should be contacted.


What I find most interesting about this story is the 15 min homily. If there were 15 mins for that, there were certainly 15 mins for the rest of the Mass.


Yes. A priest could have legitimately offered a one sentence homily to make time. Theologically speaking, one could argue according to St. Thomas Aquinas, though there was a valid consecration, their was no sacrifice of the Mass, since parts of the sacrifice were missing, thus the Mass was not a valid Mass.


The priest isn’t required to give a homily. He could have omitted it all together.

But omitting that much of the Mass is a serious offense. I would encourage you to speak with the priest directly about this.


He is on Sundays.

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