Liturgy of the word


In the liturgy of the word, at the time of the Gospel reading is it required that the priest or deacon make the sign of the cross on the book and on there forehead, lips, and heart. Is there any good reason why a priest or deacon would not? This is an constant not intermittent action.


I doubt that there is a good reason, considering that it is given in the GIRM.
**GIRM **
134. At the ambo, the Priest opens the book and, with hands joined, says, The Lord be with you, to which the people reply, And with your spirit. Then he says, A reading from the holy Gospel, making the Sign of the Cross with his thumb on the book and on his forehead, mouth, and breast, which everyone else does as well. The people acclaim, Glory to you, O Lord. The Priest incenses the book, if incense is being used (cf. nos. 276-277). Then he proclaims the Gospel and at the end pronounces the acclamation The Gospel of the Lord, to which all reply, Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ. The Priest kisses the book, saying quietly the formula Per evangelica dicta (Through the words of the Gospel).


Looked at the GIRM on usccb it said this which is right? I am even more confused.

The Acclamation before the Gospel

  1. After the reading that immediately precedes the Gospel, the Alleluia or another chant laid down by the rubrics is sung, as the liturgical time requires. An acclamation of this kind constitutes a rite or act in itself, by which the gathering of the faithful welcomes and greets the Lord who is about to speak to
    them in the Gospel and profess their faith by means of the chant. It is sung by everybody, standing, and is led by the choir or a cantor, being repeated as the case requires. The verse, on the other hand, is sung either by the choir or by a cantor.

a) The Alleluia is sung in every time of year other than Lent. The verses are taken from the Lectionary or the Graduale.

b) During Lent, instead of the Alleluia, the Verse before the Gospel as given in the Lectionary is sung. It is also possible to sing another Psalm or Tract, as found in the Graduale.

  1. When there is only one reading before the Gospel:

a) during a time of year when the Alleluia is prescribed, either an Alleluia Psalm or the Responsorial Psalm followed by the Alleluia with its verse may be used;

b) during a time of year when the Alleluia is not foreseen, either the Psalm and the Verse before the Gospel or the Psalm alone may be used;

c) the Alleluia or the Verse before the Gospel, if not sung, may be omitted.

  1. The Sequence which, except on Easter Sunday and on Pentecost Day, is optional, is sung before the Alleluia.


Deacons and Priest are only human, we get tired, sick, worriers, etc. Sometime we just forget. I serve two masses yesterday with the flue and on medication, my pastor did the same several weeks.
Perhaps the man is getting absence minded. Pray for him, pray for all of us. much better than questioning.

Dcn Frank


Indeed I would think nothing of a slip they happen all the time, there is grace for such things. I have prayed for him and all priest and religious in my world. This is of concern to me because of many things, this has been a constant for over a year. I did not nor do I wish to gossip or judge, just wanted to know the liturgical requirements. I first question me and my knowledge. Thank you for your concern and advice, this is not an easy place for me either. Peace and long life Deacon


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