liturgy: triple cross before gospel


During our RCIA class our priest instructed us NOT to make the triple cross along with the priest before he reads the gospel. He said it is not in the rubrics and although it could be considered a private devotion we, the laity, in proper form aren’t supposed to make this sign. Is this correct? If the laity are supposed to make this sign where would I find that in the GIRM?


The *General Instruction of the Roman Missal * (GIRM) instructs “everyone” to do this: “At the ambo, the priest opens the book and, with hands joined, says, Dominus vobiscum (The Lord be with you), and the people respond, Et cum spiritu tuo (And also with you). Then he says, Lectio sancti Evangelii (A reading from the holy gospel), making the sign of the cross with his thumb on the book and on his forehead, mouth, and breast, which everyone else does as well…” (GIRM 134)

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