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There are Liturgies/Rites for the Copts, the Indians, the Ethiopians and so on, but there are no special Rite(s) for the Catholics from for example Tanzania and other African countries. They have to follow the Roman Rites. From what I see on youtube the follow the Roman Rits but ad Africanism to it. What do Traditionals say about it?

I don’t know what the Traditionalists will say but I have heard a Ratzinger quote several times which I just found several places on the internet and suspect is authentic:

“Rites … are forms of the Apostolic Tradition and of its unfolding in the great places of the Tradition.”

From this perpective one would expect to find distinct liturgical Rites only in places the Apostles themselves went or plausibly may have gone, roughly India to Spain and from Gaul or Britain (not that there are distinct Rites there at least anymore) to Ethiopia, and that all such Rites would date back, or at least be able to make a plausible claim of dating back, to the first century. One would not expect new distinct Rites to be subsequently manufactured for newly evangelized peoples, but rather for them to adopt the Rite of the missionaries evangelizing them, though perhaps with some modifications -various forms or Uses of a Rite and various liturgical options or even indults exempting from individual norms, etc. This, in fact, seems to be what has happened for the most part.

Contact Sr. Christine Kabumbu, although it may take a few weeks for her to get back (trips in the Jungle helping the blind & orphans), she will give you great advise. She is a wonderful gift from God.

God Bless

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