Live as children of God, not slaves to sin, Pope preaches at year's end [CWN]

On the evening of December 31, Pope Francis asked those assembled in St. Peter’s Basilica whether they are choosing to live as free children of God or as slaves to sin. "We were …


The Pope’s primary focus was on turning to God. But he didn’t neglect to point out the classic things that we have to specifically reject: the World, the Flesh, and the Devil.

“Do we live as children or as slaves?” he continued. “Do we live as baptized persons in Christ, anointed by the Spirit, rescued and free? Or do we live according to the corrupt, worldly logic, doing what the devil makes us believe is in our interest?”

Many Catholic and Protestant preachers today present Christianity only as “adding something”, like adding a Masters degree to your resume, finding a new source of community and encouragement. They leave out the Cross. They also omit the Devil. On the other hand, Pope Francis directly points out our enemy - a spiritual person called the Devil - as well as the lure for comfort (the Flesh) and the logic of the World.

The Media doesn’t give attention to this side of Francis. They would rather depict him lecturing the “narrow minded, rigid curia”, supposedly trying to bring the Church out of the Middle Ages, when Catholics used to believe dogmas, and in things like the Devil. The real Pope Francis is not someone they want to show. He does believe in a personal Devil, along with the evils of the Flesh and the World. The Media does not.

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