Live by your word


Talk is cheap goes the old saying, yesterday I was called to help a neighbour with something onerous and I almost didn’t! I hesitated and then I was reminded to live by my word.
Any examples of being tested in this way?
Or would it be immodest to tell?
Maybe just talk around the subject.


I face this challenge every day. Living your faith is the hardest part of being Catholic. Presently, I’ve launched a new campaign to see every circumstance, situation, and person I have to deal with through the lens of my faith. It’s difficult, because for years I considered myself caught up in ideological warfare, of which my faith was only one of many parts. Now I’m trying to re-orient my thinking, and stay rooted in Catholicism as much as humanly possible.


Step out of the comfort zone -
That seems to be in every homily I hear -
I think of Jesus saying - go an extra mile with someone who asks -


Sometimes, it is not a matter of actually doing something for me. It is more a matter of speaking up about something that is wrong, or offensive, or inappropriate. Its easy to ignore or think someone else will say something, but sometimes hard to actually be the messenger. Particularly difficult in a work situation…

And sometimes, I have had to go out of my comfort zone to say something positive to someone, or friendly when I don’t know how they will take it. Most times it ends up okay and I am glad afterward that I did it.

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