LIVE: Canada Post debate shows no sign of ending

See the article if you want.

The short-short version: Conservative government is trying to pass back-to-work legislation to get Canada Post to start delivering mail again (there was a week and a half of rotating strikes, and then a lockout by Canada Post last week). The NDP (who are not just pro-union, but were formed by a union 50 years ago) are delaying the bill by using procedural tactics. Essentially, every NDP MP is going to speak at every opportunity. All 103 of them.

Currently, they’re debating a motion by leader Jack Layton to delay the bill by 6 months. Each MP can speak for 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions. The debate has been going on since 8pm last night, and will finish sometime after midnight tonight, after which the motion will be defeated. Then the debate on the second reading of the bill will happen. The NDP is expected to do the same thing, so sometimes Sunday evening or Monday morning the bill will pass the second reading. If they keep stalling, the bill may be passed by next weekend.

Also, by a quirk of parliament, until the bill is finally voted on the day in the House of Commons remains June 23rd. MPs are sleeping in offices and taking shifts through the night and days (I can’t remember if Elizabeth May has slept since yesterday at 10am :eek:). In a bit of a hilarious twist, apparently the Bloc (all 4 of them) shared some drinks last night :cool:.

So, I’m halfway between annoyance and laughing. The NDP isn’t just shooting itself in the foot, they’re also taking out their knees and hips. It’s like they gift-wrapped this for the Liberals, who will be the ones to benefit from this. The NDP is just proving that they’re completely out of touch with ordinary Canadians (I heard a poll on CBC that 70% of Canadians support the bill). I hope you enjoy the next 4 years Jack, you can only go down down down from here.

Anyways, it’s pretty interesting at least.


Spot on,as always.The dippers have four years in which to hang themselves and Harper will be delighted to let them do it.He could invoke Closure(a liberal invention) I believe but he is perfectly fine with allowing the commies to incur the wrath of the Canadian voter.Their presence as the Official Opposition is an anomaly caused by the cynical Quebec vote because Mr massage “clinic” promised them the store…

If they refuse to back when ordered to-Harper will do exactly the same thing as my hero Ronald Reagun as we have plenty of Canadians who would LOVE the job.

I’m not expert, but apparently they can’t invoke closure unless the House adjourns (and when that happens this time they go on summer break until September). The CBC compared it to the movie Speed, once the 2nd reading begins (which it just did after midnight EDT), they can’t stop until it’s finally voted on, which could be next weekend (depending on how long the Committee of the Whole takes).

But yes, Harper is giving the NDP plenty of rope to hang themselves. They’re going to be relegated to being the party of the fringes after this one.

Well, they’re in Committee of the Whole now. The debate yesterday took some 27 hours, and the one for the second reading only took ~15. That’s fairly interesting.

Although, nobody really knows how long this will take. They’re going clause-by-clause right now. There are some 70 clauses in the bill. Depending on how smooth this goes, this could take days.

Even though I do not agree with the strike, I do not believe that when an organization legitimately goes on strike the government can just tell them to get back to work. There needs to be negotiations first

I worked for the Federal Government of Canada and was on strike three times.Three times we were legislated back to work.If you were a “designated” employee you were technically on strike but you had to perform your job.The right to strike in the Public Sector is a joke and the best deal for all the employees would be binding arbitration.The Government just legislates new rules which the private sector cannot.I believe in the right to strike and the right to unionize and I’m to the right of Atilla the Hun.

Well, I can’t really explain it, but the bill passes about 5 hours ago. It took over 24 hours (27 I believe) to debate the hoist motion (which passes just after midnight Saturday), but it only took ~20 hours to get through the second reading, Committee of the Whole, and the third reading. I guess the NDP just decided to give up.

The Senate is going to pass the bill tomorrow. The opposition in the Senate, the Liberals, have already said that they’re not going to do anything to delay the bill. The NDP believes the Senate should be abolished (something I actually agree with them on), so there are 0 NDP senators. It takes 24 hours after the bill is given Royal Assent to come into effect, so workers should be back Monday afternoon/evening and mail should re-start Tuesday morning.

It’s my understanding that the NDP’s objection wasn’t to the entire bill but to a wages clause in the bill. Personally, I respect that they have acted as I would have expected them to – and, no, I didn’t vote for their candidate in this last election.

I think it would have been a much more effective opposition had they moved quickly to the COTW instead of spending 27 hours debating a hoist motion which they knew was going to get defeated.

Like if they had spend 24 hours in COTW, I don’t think people would have been as ticked off because the committee stage is the appropriate time to propose amendments and try to get change. The readings are just to move it forward or not.

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