Live Extraordinary Form Of The Mass , Sept. 15th-air Maria

**At 7pm EST on there will be a live
presentation of the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass on September 15th.

I only saw a few minutes of the EF on EWTN. who saw it and what did you think?

Ave Maria!**

It is nice. But I have a question. Why were some parts sung and others not. I thought this a low mass…

I did not see the video, however I have the answer to your question.

The “Missa Cantata” has two forms, one that is called “solemn form” and one that is “simple form”. the differences can vary, depending on the resources and personel available.

Anyway, if there is no deacon and sub deacon it is technically Low Mass- even if it is sung and even if it is “missa cantata more solemn form”.


I just found it odd. The introit, epistle, offertory, and communion was read. But the kyrie, gloria, gosple, preface, sanctus, and agnus dei were sung. He also did sit down during the gloria like i’m used to he sang along with the choir. I thought that was forbidden.

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