which is better to live but with a miserable life or to die without anyone remembering you nor attending your burial?

Is better to live a life of Love.


Live! and live indeed “true life” in Christ here on this pilgrimage below …and then with him in heaven and the Resurrection!

(no matter what sufferings we may have to bear from others at times)

Why must I choose?
Live a life of love and let God decide whether people remember me after I die.

Live and die through, with, and in Him.


Choose life.

I worry about living a meaningless life and dying alone without anyone to cry for me or remember me. Sometimes I wonder what is the point of going on. I have never been a good outgoing person who reaches out to others and therefore others have never really reached back to me in return. I often wonder if I am worth anything in the Lord’s eyes. But the Truth is He loves us so much that if we were aware of the amount we would break down in tears from the joy. You and me have to learn how to accept that. We have to meditate on the Lord’s love for us and how much the Son our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for us. In that way we will be more able to connect with others and start leading a more meaningful life. Your life is worth living and you have a mission from the Lord that only you can do, nobody else can do it. Pray to Him to find out what it is, then pray for the strength and the courage to do it, and He will give it to you. You and me are going through a similar process. I hope this was a help to you. I made some assumptions about you based on what you posted, I hope I did not make any erroneous assumptions. At any rate, I will keep you in my prayers during my next Rosary. May God bless you and keep you.

LIVE! It doesn’t matter if anyone remembers you or attends your funeral (tough it sure would be nice to have that) as long as you live your life for Christ. “Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.”

Of course it’s better to die! What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you read the Catechism?

Yes, don’t you? It teaches explicitly that life (especially innocent life) is a sacred thing.

I don’t care how miserable my life is. I refuse to throw it away because it’s a gift from God and there will always be hope to make it better.

Choosing death to be free from life’s burdens is naught but the path of a no-account coward.

That’s God’s decision, not mine.

Make no difference to me. I follow where God leads me.
I’ve died twice already, never saw a bright light like some people say, I feel ripped.

God bless

jesus g

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