Living and discerning overseas w/o access to a Vocational/Spiritual Director


After a period of personal reflection and prayer, I am eager to continue the discernment process with the aid of a vocational or spiritual director. However, as I am currently living and working in China, I don’t have ready access to a local spiritual or vocational director. To further complicate matters, over the past fifteen years I have moved around a lot for school and work, and don’t really have a “home” diocese in the states that I could contact.

I’m very much in the stage of trying to determine in what ways I might be able to serve the church, what a life in the priesthood might look like and what next steps I should take. Given my background, I feel like there are a number of different directions a vocation may lead, whether it’s doing mission work, working in development, or serving in a parish.

As you can probably tell, I have a million questions! Any thoughts on how I could move forward (including how to find a Vocational Director) would be greatly appreciated.

In Christ,



Hey pat, how are you? Hope fine.

I understand your preoccupation. But you have to find exactely if you want to give all your life to christ by the priesthood or just serve the church in a parish or work like volunteer for charitative organization or association?

Anyway, I advice you to have an occupation in your current parish. That could help you to see how look like the priest life. And you could be In contact with the reality of the catholic church today, faith, the practice.
It’s good to think like you made, and after to practice, to live in te reality and tast if you are called for this vocation.

It’s sure that a spiritual director will be a good help. You can first to your actual parish or any, and ask to talk to a priest and explain him that you are interested by te vocational discernment an his help.

Are you planing to stay in china or to return in your own country to give your life to Christ by the priesthood? It’s an important question because depending the place you have to contact the responsable of the vocation in your diocede to complete some conditions.

My prayer is with you my friend and don’t hesitate if you have others questions.
God Bless You.


Google tne Sisters of Our Lady of China. They could help.



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