Living as a Catholic without direction and leadership


Brothers and Sisters,
Any day when I go to Church to celebrate the Holy Mass and give praise and glory to God, I wonder why the Priest never seems to say anything about the way to live, according to God his Church and it’s Catechism?
Years ago, Priests when they gave their SERMON, one expected to get reminders about the Christian way of life and what is sinful and what is not. I know that the Christian way of life changed slightly after the Vatican Council but why has the Priest been unable to speak out against the evils of the world and give us ways to help us through our struggles.
The Church was our backbone, it taught us our standards and gave us contrition when we erred. Many Catholics of to-day don’t even understand the necessity of going to Mass on Sunday. They don’t even understand the significant parts of the Mass, which are essential for correct attendance.
Many Catholics have forgotten the significance and the essentials of Baptism, although Baptised themselves they are not Baptising their children but saying let them make the decission themselves, when they grow up. My own nephew in England is an example. He was unable to get into the Catholic High School. The next best thing was a Prodestant Schoool of the same level. Now my nephew calls Catholics - Catedogs etc. it’s easy to go in the wrong direction when the foundations and leadership are week or non existant.

               Sometimes I go to Catholic School Masses and I know that Children are not being taught to genuflect and bless themselves. Most Priests and most Parishioners don't even bow their heads at the mentioning of the name 'Jesus'
              I see a way being perpetuated, which is casting aside many fundamentals of our Christian Way of Life. It has to stop! We must become firm again with the help of the Holy Spirit.
              War and war participants and war songs should not be glorified in the 'House OF God', many of which are nationalistic. especially in countries where god has been forsaken by our Governments.
               Who will be the first voice to call out from the wilderness and call us back to trying to live Christian lives again and for the strengthening of the Church? The greater question is who will answer the call?  :blessyou: 



I have noticed a few changes, but perhaps your particular parish is an exception. My priest gives great homilies reminding us how we can put the Gospel to work in our daily lives. I have noticed that many younger parishioners don’t seem very familiar with the faith or parts of mass, though- but I would blame their parents, not their teachers and priests, most of whom of course do everything they can to educate us and help us along our way.:slight_smile:


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