Living away from family


If one has a family that theres alot of bad drama in (like lies and stuff) is is sometimes best to move to a town where theres not any family?


Absolutely! I didn’t move far away, just an hour away, but it was back in the days before email and cell phones, and it seemed to be much farther away back then than it would seem today. I had two friends in that town, and besides them, I didn’t know a single soul. It was hard, but making that move was the best thing I ever did for myself and my relationship with my sometimes-crazy family. It showed them that I was going to be independent and that I wasn’t going to stay enmeshed in their dysfunction, controlling behaviors, and all of that.


It can help you in achieving and maintaining detachment from the dysfunctional situations and learn to live without a bunch of emotional baggage. It doesn’t mean that you have abandoned your family. Just that you have decided to pursue a saner, healthier life for yourself. And if you miss some of the drama, you can always visit.:smiley:


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