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Is there any options for a family that wants to move and live in a strong catholic community and dedicate themselves to service? Sometimes I just want to sell everything I have and live within a community that helps each other out.


Actually…I thought there was something in the news not so long ago about a community being developed in Florida (?) which was going to be Catholic centered–such things as in the town center none of the pharmacies would sell contraceptives, etc. Can’t remember who or what entity was the developer. Anyone else hear of this or know specifics?


I don’t know the details… but I think that “town” is near the new college called “Ave Maria”…
I really don’t know much about the school… other than it was founded by the guy who started Dominos pizza (little trivia for ya!)…

FLORIDA’s a fantastic state too! :thumbsup:


Thinking the Little Portion Hermitage has families as part of the community… give them a google.


Try this


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