Living Hope in Jesus--anti-Catholic website


Are any of you on here familiar with this anti-Catholic ministry:


another one??:rolleyes:


This website seems to be rejugitating the same unresearched suppositions that spread across the non-catholic Christian communities like wildfire. The link that they offer as the “truth of Roman Catholicism” is chock full of allegations without evidence. Heck, they even spill out the Boettner List as “proof.” This website is just murking up the water again. Don’t waste your time with this stuff. It’s pointless.

Dominus vobsicum


Almost sent them an e-mail to tell them, this Catholic is praying for you. I suspect they would not appreciate my Catholic prayers.


I did that a few months ago and they never responded, on top of that I joined their website. When they found out I was catholic and defending my faith they blocked me from posting, after that I could only read thier threads.


It contains the same old Boettner’s List propaganda, which is refuted HERE.


As long as the world moves as it does, and the Church is still here on earth, there will always be these lies. :shrug:

Come soon LORD JESVS


That’s got to be one of the most unreadable web sites I’ve ever seen. Purple and black with a size six font? Give me a break!! :rolleyes:

Also, what’s up with that menorah? :confused:


Number 17 on the list of banned topics:

Links to blatantly anti-Catholic sites, except as a valid reference point for discussion


I am now :smiley:

It has some good stuff - but even more that is not, I think :frowning: The tone is too excitable for my liking. They are right to warn against spiritualism, but there are “better” (i.e, much more insulting) sites hammering in the Church; that one is a bit dull, IMO :slight_smile: Some sites really go OTT - not that one. Which could make it more dangerous than the really crazy ones: some of which can only have been thought up by people with very sick minds :eek:

I’m starting to come to the conclusion that people say foul things about the Church & the Blessed Mother because they are themselves impure. :frowning: Someone truly pure in heart (like St.Philip Neri :D) would not go around flinging mud & filth, as so many sites do.

I see they have the, or a, 26-item version of the Boettner List of Catholic Attractions & Heresies, or whatever the title is. ##


Actually, since it is the topic of the thread that won’t apply. Besides…it’s hard to refute stuff like this if you’ve never seen it before.

BTW…where the heck is Cody since he opened this can o worms?[/FONT]


Point taken from both sides. I’m inclined to let this one fly, as it’s been good so far.


Whoops… they forgot some things from their list:

Divinity of Christ…325
Trinity …381
New Testament…397

I am sure we could add more to this list and let them know so they could update their list.


Brilliant. :thumbsup:


We haven’t had a good Protestant barbecue at my parish in a long time. The other-other white meat.

I’m joking of course. :slight_smile:

Or am I??


I can never decide between barbecued Protestant, or poached naughty children. (My faves are the ones that scream and scream and scream for no good reason in the grocery store. MMM, tender and yummy!!)



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