Living in a Cocoon?

Do you feel you live in a Cocoon ? Insulated from what really goes on in the world ?
Dreadful wars & suffering occur while we go about our Daily routine ,
Going to Church if and when we can,
while others are in mortal Combat so we can live in peace
Do you ever wish you could go to the very front line and do more ?
If you Could do more, what would you wish you could do ?
Where do you think the Front line is ?
In you town perhaps or some foreign shore ?

I don’t feel like that at all. If you want to find the war go for a ride along with police wherever you are. I work at 911 and the struggle isn’t in some foreign country any more or less than its at our front door. You want to see the nasty side of the world? Come join us. Those in law enforcement don’t get to ignore the evil like everybody else. Yes, there are greater and more obvious wars in other countries, but the wolf at the door is less a problem for people in the first world than the wolf in the room.

Some of us are called to serve in the military or police force, but most of us are not. We are all called to seek and maintain peace whatever the circumstances of our lives may be. If everyone would do that, from families, to neighbors, to coworkers, to people of differing faiths and ethnicities, to leaders of nations, it would go a long way to stopping war and violence.

I do live in a relatively peaceful place, my conflicts with family and neighbors are few, and I thank God for that. I wish everyone could live in such a cocoon.

Part of the problem is that there is a lot of stuff that has the veneer of security and safety but it doesn’t take much to lift it. Where I live is stereotyped as being wealthy, but there is also poverty and exploitation. It just looks cleaner on the surface. The family and social services director of our parish can tell some really sad stories. Drug addiction is a growing problem, with all the social ills that accompany it.

I do sometimes feel like I get hit with culture shock, because my world right now is pretty little by necessity - I am raising two, soon to be three young children. When I step out of that world for a little bit I am surprised by what I hear. But at the same time, I don’t feel like I’ve shut it out on purpose. My husband and I volunteer when we can and give what we can afford to give. We are trying hard to raise our children to be generous. That is not everyone’s path but right now, it is ours.

With my experiences I feel like the home is really the first “front.”

What really goes on in the world, is the very world that God placed you in,
however large or small that may be.
It is imperative that we are respectful to our state in life, and that we attend to
the duties that God has placed before us. To some it means we serve God by
engaging in combat, others by changing diapers, others by sitting in their wheelchair
praying the rosary, others by working hard at the office in order to make money so financial donations can be made to charity.

It is tempting to want to look outward, I know because I do it all the time! Harder to look exactly where I am and what is before my eyes. It seems much more glorious to cross the globe and fight for world peace then to scrub my kitchen floor, however if done prayerfully and for the glory of God both are powerful things. Remember that Jesus Christ spent most of His life doing mundane tasks, what does that tell us? These tasks really are not so mundane after all. God has placed each and every human being where they are supposed to be, if God is “calling” someone to serve somewhere else that could be, however most people have a certain state in life and that is where they should serve.

Just my thoughts anyway, God bless.

Some are called to action, others to prayer.
We are never isolated in prayer.

If everyone would go home and mind their own business we would have world peace. :smiley:

Well, perhaps not on the internet.

It is a spiritual BLESSING to be living
in a cocoon, detached from the “real” world!
I’ve experienced this by fastings and prayer
vigils(private) and it is HEAVEN on earth!!
I highly recommend yous to try being a mystic!!!

Well there’s a lot of domestic violence; just this year, more women than ever have died as a result of domestic violence; there’s also a lot of road rage crimes, & ice infused king hits that kill people, & there’s a lot of family breakdown with endless fighting & hatreds, also anyone going through cancer would be experiencing the violence of the body; there’s kids bullied at school, & those who live in fear due to perpetual isolation & loneliness; & those worried about how to afford the roof over their heads.
You dont have to go far to find suffering. If you find it outside your door, yes you are lucky.
Maybe use your time to work for peace & security within your community.

I don’t feel cocooned at all. I work for an urban school district and every day I’m faced with my students who experience hunger, violence, poverty, trauma, and fear. I try to help them as much as I can, both with their education and their other needs.

I still wish I could do more, but I have young children at home. After a lot of deciding, I’ve determined that for now my role is to do as much as I can during the workday, and then come home and instill values in my children such as empathy, leadership, and generosity. Hopefully they’ll grow into the type of people who will jump onto the front lines and help others in a tangible way.

If I could do more, though, I think I would spend time talking to people living in poverty and trying to truly understand. I think so often we say, “Well poor people should just…” or “Kids in those schools should just…” or “Why don’t they…” when we don’t have a truly clear idea of the problem. I can tell you that the causes of the issues are NOTHING like what I thought they were before I started working in cities. So often we rush to judge others’ actions based on how we think we’d react. I would want to truly seek to understand the people I’m trying to help.

I hope that in at least some ways I live in a cocoon, for it is within cocoons that former caterpillars grow wings and transform into butterflies.

Except that some people no longer have homes to go back to…they would dearly love to go back home and mind their own business again.

I think although we do not know the specifics of every instance of pain in the world… there is a lot of pain behind every smiling face and every unsmiling face, that we know nothing of–yet whenever we are in pain in some way, that is a portal to awareness of the world’s pain: Remember that millions have before you and alongside you and in the future are experiencing this same pain. We are born in pain; we live in pain; we will die in pain–at least most of us.

I saw a mass of matter of a dull gloomy colour between the North and the East, and was informed that this mass was human beings, in as great misery as they could be, and live; and that I was mixed up with them and henceforth I must not consider myself as a distinct or separate being. - John Woolman

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