Living in a Post-Christian Canada/USA/World - Need advice


How does a devout Catholic live happily in, not only a post-Christian (I don’t like that phrase) world – but a planet ever more and more hostile to Christians, Christianity and God in general. And before you accuse me of judging, I am the chief sinner amongst you. And I pray for sinners, and know that God loves them just as much as he loves me. I know that every human is worthy of love, no matter who they are, what they believe or what they chose to do… but:

I noticed the following:

Living in Canada I’ve noticed:
1.Suicide is looked upon as a favourable alternative to any form of suffering, in fact assisted suicide has become legal and is encouraged.
2.Homosexuality is celebrated as a viable and reached for lifestyle - and a norm, with gay couple adoption an marriage a unescapable conclusion and reality. The acceptance of the Cross of homosexuality and loving individual as a person created and loved by God is yesterday’s baseline not today’s. Any unacceptance of any sexual practice whatsoever is seen as radical discrimination worthy of shame and job loss – love is not enough anymore – celebration is a baseline.
3.Christian guilt & Catholic guilt is at an all time high with the majority of 30-40 something Christians turning their backs on their father and mother’s Churches, without understanding their faith.
4.Abortion is seen as an unassailable right in being a strong woman. It fact it is celebrated and seen as a virtuous endeavor
5.Radical feminism has launched the male guilt movement so far as to demonize men at every turn.
6.Hook-up culture has reduced the sex act to the level of drive through fast food, designed to satisfy a basic need.
7.Any mention of God or His Church is seen as an attack on the rights of individuals and freedom.
8.Any mention of Christmas or Easter is seen as an attack on diversity and inclusion.
9.Sin is viewed as a point of view and hell and satan are no lingered considered threats.

I see a day where Christianity becomes outlawed, and Church pastors are arrested for slander, hate speech and bigotry to the general public.

NOTE: In the world, Christians are killed by the thousands, and barely a mention. NOTE

Are we not stoned if we proclaim Christ, either literally or figuratively in 2018?

Whenever I see someone wearing a cross in public I feel like hugging them and saying “me too”…

Just looking for some coping methods as I feel defeated, as if the struggle is lost.

I pray daily for the world, and look to the Saints, but how does one evangelize in a world that resembles more closely first century Rome than anything else. I feel sadness for this…


Back in the first few centuries of the Church, Christians were regularly persecuted, tortured, killed, discriminated against, and had their church outlawed. This has cropped up on a regular basis from time to time ever since and Jesus even predicted it.

Life in Canada or US is hardly “post-Christian”, nor is it a big hardship when busload of pilgrims in the Middle East somewhere are all being beheaded for the faith. I could name off dozens more martyrs in various parts of the world over the last 100 years alone. Pray, go to Mass, and thank God for your blessings.

P.S. I mention Christmas all the time and nobody has sued me or arrested me yet. If some pagan wants to grump at me I pray for them.


I agree… but the persecution here is a silent thing… a under covers thing.

I know for one if I expressed my Catholic views at work i’d be let go.


no one has arrested you… yet. that’s my point.


we will agree to disagree.


Work is not really the place for discussing your religion. I don’t go around announcing my Catholicism at work either, nor do atheists announce atheism or Muslims talk about Allah and Mohammed all day.

This isn’t persecution. It’s putting the focus on work where it belongs.


And I never said I have it worse.

I grew up in a Christian country. It is unrecognizable now.

And dude, easy with the attack…


I dare you then to casually mention you don’t support gay marriage.


That’s the opposite of what she’s saying -

When you’re in the office, do work. It’s not the public square - you and your coworkers have work to do, and that work does not involve the moral ills of our time.


I think you need to follow Padre Pio’s advice to pray, hope and not worry. When I feel in danger of arrest I will concern myself with it then. I just looked at Masstimes app to see which of about 35 options for Mass I can attend today and my rosary is on my wrist so I can say it commuting to/from the office today. I don’t feel any danger. And wouldn’t worry much about it if I did because I wouldn’t be able to do much about it.


we agree…

but feelings are feelings…


still, causal talk of Christ can get you fired.


Faith is not based on feelings.

When feelings begin to interfere with your life, you need to find a way to set them aside.


My government cut funding to Church programs because you need to agree to supporting abortion and other such things before you get the money… what say you on that? to me that’s the start of oppression.


Sure, because that detracts from a productive environment and loses the company money . I don’t know about you, but my employer doesn’t pay me to talk about Jesus - He pays me to make subs and keep customers happy.


true. very true…


Not my point.


If I would like to visit my dear gradma in her home country and would act openly as the christian convert I am, I would fall under death penalty.
…That said, yes, it´s hard in a mainly secular society, but mainly because it´s up to US to be strong in our faith. In other countries It´s up to THEM to let us be alive and christian.


Taxpayer’s money, taxpayer’s rules. If you have a problem with that, pay for it yourself. No “oppression” there.


What did you mean by

then? Excessively talking about anything in a work enviornment can get you fired.

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