Living in a Post-Christian Canada/USA/World - Need advice


you miss my point completely and utterly,


The point dear friend is that its an ingenious way to get the Church to bend. its called coercion.




I still don’t follow, then.


Sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory.


This is not my point.



Dude, I’m done with you.


Perhaps attempted coercion, but, again - the Church has survived 2,000 years - We made it through the Goths, Vandals, Romans, Huns, Nazis and Communists.

If Justin Trudeau thinks he can bend the Church to his little tailored-suit-clad will, he’s out of his mind.


He’s trying. But I agree with you.


I think part of the point is that secular anti-religious talk is completely assumed to be normal, but any hint of religion in the workplace is basically not allowed. Everybody can talk all day about gay pride, political positions, etc. The reality is that there is some time for chit-chat in most work places.


I actually see people say it quite a lot on social media.


exactly. my point.


How much do you read/watch outlets that get your dander up?

When someone is surrounding their mind with outrage clips, they enter a siege mentality.

Step away. Don’t watch or read or listen to any of your favorite sources.

Stick with getting your news about the Church from They also do good coverage of world events.

Use an app for weather reports or sports scores.

Do this for 6 months and you will be amazed at how your outlook improves!


I doubt you really know how it´s harder in other countries when I read this.

  1. Simply no, it´s not like first ( or second, or third - this would have been even harder!) century rome, I definately don´t want to compare this.
  2. I think some people don´t get the difference between “people don´t share my way of life and therefor I don´t like the society I live in” - this is uncomfortable, but you can still meet with your people in a safe, happy home - with “we are opressed because we can´t live our religion/speak our language/ leave the country”. This is a HUGE difference. We blame the society WE are also part of far to often for our faults.


On this dear Lady, we agree.

But its pretty hard to avoid news in 2018…


WOW! I agree with you. That’s not my point!!! I USED THE WORD “WORLD”!!!

Canada is Post-Christian. Please tell me how it is not!



She’s saying to be more judicious about your news sources. You seem to be picking ones from the very bottom of the barrel.

  1. Know your faith, so as to…
  2. Live and defend your faith.
  3. Be willing to suffer for the sake of the Kingdom.


Dude, seriously? Give me a non-biased (non-Catholic) major news source?


agreed. yes.

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